Spider-Man 2 Howard Walkthrough: How To Take the Birds to Freedom

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November 12, 2023

Howard is a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) app request in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, where Miles Morales helps an old friend embark on a new adventure. Completing this optional mission will also reward you with the A New Adventure Trophy.

In this Spider-Man 2 guide, I’ll share all the essential information about Howard FNSM Request.

How To Start the Financial District Howard FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

After finishing the Science Buddy main mission, you can start the Howard FNSM app request in the southwestern part of the Financial District. Just head to the objective marker, and you’ll see Howard sitting on the steps by the dock.

Spider-Man 2 Howard FNSM Request Location Map
Howard FNSM Request Mission Starting Location

If you sit with him by pressing - GameClubz, he will share some stories from his past. As he’s storytelling, look slightly to the right, and you’ll spot a large ferry gliding along the river. After that, turn your camera to the left, and you’ll find the yellow speedboat he mentioned.

Now, look to the right again to spot the three red and white striped towers across the water. Howard will explain that he spent 20 years working at that factory before being laid off, and unfortunately, his wife passed away not long after. In the midst of such challenging times, Howard found peace in his birds, who taught him how to fly again.

Next, Howard will ask you to look at the Statue of Liberty, which is located to the far left. Howard will whistle once you’ve taken in the sight, and a flock of birds will arrive and circle the docks. He’ll explain that he’s embarking on an adventure and kindly asks for your help relocating his birds further up north so they can experience life outside the city.

How To Take the Birds to Freedom

Press - GameClubz when prompted to whistle and start the flock circling around you. Then, follow the objective marker and swing or glide along the shoreline to Battery Park. From there, make your way towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

Whistle to take the birds to freedom.

When you reach the objective marker below the bridge, use your Web Wings and ride the Wind Tunnel to go upriver. As you exit the Wind Tunnel, you’ll see a bunch of sailboats ahead. Glide above them and turn right at the shore. Go through Queens and into the suburbs.

Go through the Wind Tunnel to pick up some speed.

When you reach the final objective, the birds will fly off above you. After Miles spots a train coming, he decides to meet with Howard back at the docks. When you return to the pier, you’ll notice an ambulance with two paramedics next to it.

However, Howard is not there. When you approach them, they will assure you that he appeared peaceful when he passed. You can’t help but feel a mix of emotions as you mention that he’s now embarking on a new adventure with his wife.

Unfortunately, Howard is now embarking on a new adventure with his wife.

After finishing the Spider-Man 2 Howard FNSM Request, you’ll be rewarded 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 800 XP, as well as the A New Adventure Trophy. Did you complete the other FNSM Requests such as Find GrandpaRooftop FireworksPhoto Help, and Graffiti Trouble? Our guides provide helpful information on how to finish them.

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