Spider-Man 2 Central Park EMF Experiment Locations Guide

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October 24, 2023

EMF Experiments are side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that become available once you have successfully completed the Healing The World main story mission. Initially, not all of these EMF Experiments will be displayed on your map, requiring you to discover them. Two of them can be found in the Central Park district.

Also, there are three types of EMF Experiments, each with two or three different experiments for you to complete. By completing all of them, you’ll unlock the Emily-May Foundation final side mission. Just keep in mind that the final mission won’t be available until you’re near the end of the story. In Spider-Man 2, Each EMF Experiment you complete will reward you with a generous 700 XP, not to mention three valuable Rare Tech Parts and a whopping 140 Tech Parts.

Where To Find the Two Central Park EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2

The first Central Park EMF Experiment is located in Harlem, in close proximity to the northwest corner of Central Park. You will easily spot it atop a big reddish building. The second Central Park EMF Experiment is situated on the border of the Upper West Side. It is located just across the street from the park, on the roof of an old building, with a small billboard on it.

You can find two EMF Experiment in Central Park of Spider-Man 2.

Following the same order as on the map above, I will provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete both EMF Experiments in Central Park.

EMF Experiment #1: Central Park Energy

For this EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2, you will have the opportunity to ride a bike through the beautiful Central Park. To get started, interact with the Emily-May Foundation kiosk, approach the bikes at the tent, and borrow one for your experiment. Once you’re on the bike, follow the path and make your way to each checkpoint.

Now, here’s something to keep in mind: around the fifth checkpoint, the bike might begin to spark and emit some smoke. Don’t worry; this is just a signal that you have a time limit to complete the rest of the ride. So, pedal as fast as you can by repeatedly tapping the - GameClubz button to speed up.

At the fifth checkpoint, the bicycle may start to emit smoke and sparks.
To activate a speed boost and jump over the big ramp, press and hold the R2 button.

Once you reach the ninth checkpoint, you’ll unlock a special ability. Press and hold the - GameClubz button to activate a speed boost, allowing you to jump over the big ramp. Now, follow the remaining quest markers to return the bike to the charging station and complete this EMF experiment. You’ll also unlock the Brooklyn Heights Energy, the next EMF Experiment in Downtown Brooklyn.

EMF Experiment #2: Central Park Bee Drones

In this EMF Experiment, your first task is to destroy a total of twelve purple bee hologram targets, just like one of the objectives found in the Healing the World main story mission. However, there’s a catch – you’ll be racing against the clock, as the drone battery life serves as your timer. It’s important to note that there are actually more than twelve purple bees buzzing around, making this task less difficult.

Destroy twelve purple bee hologram targets to complete the first objective
Guide the bee drone through seven yellow bee hologram targets to complete the EMF Experiment.

After completing the previous task, your next objective is to skillfully guide the bee drone through a series of seven yellow bee hologram targets. It’s worth noting that there are actually more than seven yellow bee holograms scattered throughout the park. Once you’ve successfully completed these tasks, the Central Park EMF Experiment will be officially marked as completed. As a result, you’ll automatically unlock Queens Apiary: Bee Drones, the next EMF Experiment in Little Odessa.

When you find yourself again in the Central Park district, why not take a moment to collect Marko’s Memory and capture the two amazing Photo Ops?

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