Spider-Man 2 Where Have You Been Walkthrough: Where To Find the Trapped People

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October 24, 2023

Where Have You Been is the first Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Flame Mission that unlocks during your adventure in New York, and it focuses on saving several citizens trapped inside a collapsed building in the Financial District. Like the BV Club Fair mission or side story, Where Have You Been allows you to start the Flame Missions questline, which consists of four assignments.

For completing the first Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Flame Mission, you’ll receive 100 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, and 200 Tech Parts, but first, you must help the firefighters in the Financial District. Since there are multiple objectives you must complete, we’ll go over all of them in the following walkthrough for Spider-Man 2 Where Have You Been mission.

How To Start the Financial District Where Have You Been Flame Mission in Spider-Man 2

To be able to play the first Spider-Man 2 Flame Mission, first, you must progress the game’s story and finish the Amends main mission, during which Miles Morales reunites with his uncle. After completing Amends, you’ll unlock the Where Have You Been side-story and the Prowler Stash collectibles, which I recommend getting before attempting your next assignment. When ready, head to the Financial District of New York, where you should see an icon depicting a flame (pictured below). On the street, you’ll meet Chief Clarke in front of the Urgent Care Center building (second screenshot).

When talking to Chief Clarke, you’ll find out that the firefighters intend to demolish the Urgent Care Center, but four people were caught in the debris. Your first objective is to find and mark their locations. To do this, you’ll use the cute Spider-Bot.

How to Mark the Trapped People for the Firefighters

After deploying the Spider-Bot, you must navigate the demolished building, looking for the four firefighters. Head forward inside the ventilation shaft, press - GameClubz+- GameClubz, then mash - GameClubzto remove the grate. In the room below, you’ll see the first firefighter. Get close and press - GameClubz to mark him.

The first trapped worker is in the first room you'll explore.

Now, go around the first trapped firefighter and head left to enter a tunnel behind the wall. Turn right next, climb the ramp, and follow the linear path, bringing you to a larger room with red lights. Head towards the Exit sign to see how some debris collapses, blocking the path forward. To clear the debris tap - GameClubz while aiming at the collapsed panels.

Follow the path ahead now, head left, and use the Pulse Blast to destroy the panels atop the next ramp (notice the red paint on the ground). In the next room, under a shelf, you should see the second Where Have You Been Trapped Worker.

The second Trapped Worker is under a shelf

Approach the shelf, then press the corresponding buttons to remove the debris and mark the worker. To progress to the next area, head left through the small space under the wheelchair. Destroy the first panel, then the large one in front of the door. After you open the door, you’ll enter a larger room where you will see the third firefighter on the ground.

Use the Pulse Blast to remove the debris, then approach the victim and mark it. After you learn how to use the Jump Jets, look around, and you’ll see several containers with a red tarp on them. That is your way out of the room, but you must jump on them by pressing and holding R2.

Jump on the red containers.

Keep jumping on the containers, then clear the debris on the ceiling to progress to the upper floor, where you’ll want to turn left. Jump over the stack of boxes, and in the next area, you’ll see the fourth worker. To save him, close the hatch on the left side to stop the sand, then pull the victim out and mark him.

Close the hatch, then pull the worker out.

Great job! Not that you saved all workers, you’ll find out that there is another person inside the building. Head to the area, being the fourth worker, take a left turn, and blast the next door. In the next room, open the door on the left side and jump over the box to enter the server room.

Inside the server room, you must be careful, or you’ll take damage from the electricity cables. Stay on top of the crates and jump from one container to another to reach the other side of the room. Remember to press and hold R2, and when you get to the other side, move through the small hole in the wall. Now, you’ll enter the intensive care room, where you’ll hear some voices.

How To Follow The Voices

Your next objective is to follow the voices inside the hospital. Start by moving towards the other side of the room and jump over the beds. When you see the exit door, scan the area to spot a grate on the left side of the wall. Jump on the crates in front of the wall, remove the grate, and head inside the ventilation shaft.

Enter the ventilation shaft.

The path inside the ventilation shaft is linear, so keep moving forward until you reach the exit, which leads to a larger room where you’ll need to deal with many thugs. Unfortunately, stealth is not an option here, so start doing what Spider-Man does best. After clearing the room, you’ll trigger a cutscene and meet a familiar face, Wraith.

If you wonder who Wraith is, you should know that she is Yuri Watanabe, a former police officer and Spider-Man’s contact in the New York police force. She played an essential role in the previous game, but after realizing how corrupt the New York police forces were, she disappeared. Once you talk to Wraith, the mission is complete, and you’ll have to wait for her call to start the next Spider-Man 2 Flame Mission named Everything Burns.

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