Spider-Man 2 Everything Burns Walkthrough: How To Search for Clues To Open the Door

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November 16, 2023

Everything Burns is the second mission as part of the The Flame side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Peter teams up with Yuri, also known as Wraith, in this side mission to delve into a cult hideout. Their goal? To gather valuable information about the leader’s whereabouts. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets together!!

How To Start the Chinatown Everything Burns Flame Mission in Spider-Man 2

After finishing the Where Have You Been Flame mission and the Science Buddy main story mission in Spider-Man 2, Wraith will give Peter a call while roaming in the open world. She’s found a cult hideout and thinks that if they team up, they can take them down faster.

Just head towards the objective marker on the eastern part of the Chinatown district, and when you reach the roof, interact with the door that has the cult symbol on it to start the Everything Burns mission. Wraith will appear on the scene, and she’ll explain she’s been tracking the cult for a few weeks.

Chinatown Everything Burns Flame Mission Location Map

She keeps hearing about the “Crimson Hour,” but she’s unsure what it refers to. Peter jokes that it might be the name of a hot new club in Hell’s Kitchen, but it doesn’t get much reaction.

How To Take Down the Cultists

Once inside the building, with a partner like Wraith by your side, you’ll be able to take out two enemies at once. Keep an eye out for green circles on the floor near the two enemies. When it’s safe, go ahead and perform a double takedown by pressing - GameClubz.

Press Triangle to perform a Double Takedown with Wraith.

How To Find a Way Into the Shelter Area

After defeating both enemies, walk into the next room and look up to the right, beyond the “He Trusts You” graffiti. Then, hold down - GameClubz+ - GameClubzto Web Zip up to the vent grate.

Zip to vent to progress the Everything Burns mission.
To defeat the enemies stealthily, watch for the green circles.

In the next room, you’ll find a bunch of cultists. They’re mostly in pairs, which is great because you can totally take advantage of that with the Double Takedown move. But if you prefer, you can also go for open combat or use distractions and web lines to take them out individually. It’s totally up to you!

How To Search for Clues To Open the Door

After defeating all the enemies in the room, head towards the green doors. Take a moment to interact with the scanner on the doors – it’s actually designed to read tattoos! To gather some important information, press - GameClubz to scan the big whiteboard on the left side of the doors. And don’t forget to look to your left from there – you’ll find some posters on the wall with different symbols that you can also scan.

Scan the whiteboard near the doors.
Scan the four tattoos near the whiteboard.

It seems that the cultists are paired up, and their tattoos show their rank. To solve this puzzle, you just need to find two unconscious cultists in the room who have matching tattoos. Wraith has already found one, so now you just need to find any unconscious cultist in the room with the same tattoo.

After you find the right one, carry him over to the door and press - GameClubz again to scan the tattoo on the door. Once the doors open, drop off the ledge ahead of you, and you’ll find yourself in a corridor where you’ll see cultists locking civilians in cells.

How To Free the Prisoners

After performing a Double Takedown on the two cultists below, go to the end of the hallway. Look up and Web Zip through the big hole above the “Intensive Care Unit” door.

Go through the gap above the intensive care unit doors.

In this big room with all the cultists, it might be a bit trickier to defeat everyone stealthily, but don’t worry, it can be done if you choose the right moments. Just remember to use - GameClubz to scan and make sure it’s safe to do a Perch Takedown or a Web Zip Takedown on any enemies who are alone.

After defeating all the enemies, you’ll want to find the power source for the prison cells. Just scan the junction box under the projector screen using - GameClubz, and when you get close, press - GameClubz to free the people trapped in the cells.

Scan the juction box and interact with it to free the prisoners from their cells.

However, before Peter and Wraith can make their exit from the room, the cult leader unexpectedly appears on the projector screen. After the cutscene conversation between Wraith and the cult leader, more enemies show up, including a Brute with flaming fists.

How To Fight Your Way Out of the Building

After you clear all the enemies in the screen projector room, hold down the - GameClubz+ - GameClubzon the Quarantine Wing doors to kick through the doors back into the corridor.

Press L2 and R2 to perform a kick through the doors.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies in the corridor, Web Zip back up through the gap you dropped earlier. Then, hold down - GameClubz+ - GameClubzto kick through the next set of doors. You’ll find yourself back in the room where we searched for clues.

Kick through the doors to reach the final room with enemies.

After defeating all the enemies, you’ll automatically trigger a cutscene. Wraith will want to head straight to the hospital, but Spider-Man tries to stop her and explains that it’s clearly a trap. Despite his concerns, she decides to go anyway. However, she agrees to scout out the hospital before launching a full-on attack, which Peter also agrees to.

After finishing the Spider-Man 2 Everything Burns side mission, you’ll receive 4 Hero Tokens, 250 Tech Parts, and 1200 XP. The upcoming Flame Mission that awaits you is called I Knew You Had It In You.

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