Spider-Man 2 Financial District Marko’s Memory Locations Guide

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October 20, 2023

Marko’s Memories are the first Spider-Man 2 collectibles you’ll unlock in the latest video game developed by Insomniac Games while playing the One Thing at a Time mission in the Financial District. One Thing at a Time is the second Spider-Man 2 mission, and it requires you to clear the city of Marko’s mobs before Peter and Miles can return to school.

During the said mission, you’ll automatically get Marko’s first Memory or Sandman’s first Memory if you want. This type of collectible is required to help Marko, whose mind was shattered.

While the first Marko Memory in Spider-Man 2 is unlocked automatically as part of the said mission, the rest of them must be found through exploration. The first four of Marko’s Memories are located in the Financial District.

Where To Find the Four Financial District Marko’s Memories in Spider-Man 2

Since the map in Spider-Man 2 must be unfogged by visiting all areas, it’s worth knowing where to look for Marko’s Memories so you can save time. As such, you can see the locations of all Sandman’s Memories in the Financial District on the following map.

The map shows the locations of all Spider-Man 2 Financial District Marko's Memories

Now, let’s see where to find them in the game, following the same order as the one on the map above.

Marko’s Memory #1 (She’s Gone): Unlocked Automatically During the Story

As mentioned above, the first Financial District Memory is unlocked automatically during the story. This collectible unlocks the rest, meaning you can’t miss it. You will get it while playing as Miles Morale, who must investigate an office on fire.

After you put out the flames using the water pipe (press L1+R1), your objective is to investigate the crystal. However, you’ll need to deal with Marko’s mobs first. Once you clear the area, look around the room to spot Marko’s Memory Crystal pictured below.

The first Financial District Marko Memory collectible is unlocked during the second mission.

Interact with the crystal, then press L2+R2 to hear Flint Marko talking about his wife.

Marko’s Memory #2 (Prying Eyes): In the Southern Financial District Park

For the second Memory collectible, head to the southern side of the Financial District, where you’ll find a small park. Marko’s Memory awaits behind a round fountain close to the water’s edge. Stay alert when approaching this collectible because you’ll get ambushed.

Defeat the mobs and break the crystal to hear Flint Marko telling Keemia that someone is watching them. Keemia Alvarado is the daughter of Alma Alvarado and Sandman.

The second Spider-Man 2 Marko Memory is found in the southern park.

Marko’s Memory #3 (Being Followed): On Top of a Building

Around 500 meters northeast of the previous collectible, you can find the third Financial District Memory in Spider-Man 2. As you can see below, this one is on top of a building. After you reach the roof, deal with the mobs and approach the crystal.

When you break this crystal, you’ll hear the Sandman insisting that someone is tracking him. You’ll also hear him questioning his mental sanity.

The third Marko's Memory is on top of a building.

Marko’s Memory #4 (No One Believes Me): On an Alley

For the last of the four Financial District Marko’s Memories, head to the northern side of the region, and you’ll find it on a small alley. Here, you’ll get ambushed by more Sandman mobs, but if you use the pipes around the collectible, you should be able to dispatch them pretty fast.

When you break the crystal, you’ll hear Marko struggling to find someone to listen to his problems. But he is ignored by everyone.

spider man financial district marko memories locations - GameClubz

After picking the fourth memory crystal in the Financial District, you’ll get a phone call from MJ, who informs you that Marko is getting better, so she insists that you continue looking for the remaining memories.

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