Spider-Man 2 Graffiti Trouble Walkthrough: How To Find a Way to the Roof

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November 12, 2023

Graffiti Trouble is a request in the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) app that you can complete in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In this FNSM app request, Miles Morales investigates a report of a graffiti artist who, little did he know, he actually knows quite well.

How To Start the Little Odessa Graffiti Trouble FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

To unlock the Graffiti Trouble mission, you’ll need to complete the Funky main mission first. Once that’s done, head over to Little Odessa and look for the objective marker in the heart of the district. You’ll find yourself at a cute little flower stall.

Graffiti Trouble FNSM Request Location Map
Graffiti Trouble Mission Starting Location

Check out the flower pot on the table by pressing the triangle, and you’ll meet Nikola, the flower stall owner. He will tell you that someone covered up some ugly graffiti with a stunning mural, which brought in lots of business.

It turns out the graffiti artist is actually Hailey. When Miles and Hailey meet, she starts telling the story of what went down. And here’s the cool part – you get to control Hailey earlier in the day. Just a heads up, Hailey is deaf, so instead of audio, you’ll see symbols and emoticons to help you understand what’s going on. Here’s how to complete the Spider-Man 2 Graffiti Trouble FNSM request.

How To Investigate the Graffiti

Once you’ve crossed the road, approach the stall owner, who appears upset about the graffiti behind his stall. You can interact with the graffiti to play a spray painting mini-game. Shake your controller or move the right analog stick to shake the spray can and fill up the can icon in the bottom left of the HUD. The colored dots next to the can signify how many times you need to do this to finish the graffiti.

When the can is full, lightly press R2 to start spraying. You’ll notice a left analog stick icon and a green circle. While continuing to press R2, move the left analog stick and direct it toward the green circle. Repeat this process two more times for the remaining two colored dots, and the mural will be finished.

Fill up the can by shaking the controller or moving the right analog stick.
While spraying, move the left analog stick into the green circle.

How To Paint Over the Other Graffiti

The stall owner will show you another failed graffiti nearby. Just go past him and vault over the wall with R2 near the broken fence. Then, head left of the trailer and climb onto the bags of cement. From there, go over the fence. Finally, go up the wooden steps to find the graffiti.

You can find the other graffiti at the top of the stairs on the nearby building.

Finish the spray painting mini-game again, but this time with four different spray colors. After you complete the mini-game, Hailey will spot the person responsible on the roof nearby.

How To Find a Way to the Roof

Drop down and walk over the wooden plank, which will break halfway and cause Hailey to fall into the pit. Climb the two ledges and follow the black running to the left. To get past the cat, just hold L1 to aim a rock at the Spider-Man toy on the fence and press R1 to throw it. The cat will chase after the toy, giving you the chance to squeeze through the gap in the fence by pressing the left analog stick + X.

Throck a rock at the spider-man toy to clear the path.

Just around the corner, you can vault over the pipe by pressing the R2 button. But, before doing that, you might want to take a moment to pet the cat! After that, head up the steps on your left. Follow the path leading to the elevator and press the button to lower it.

Push the button on the elevator to lower it.

To continue, exit the elevator and head back up the steps. From there, you can walk across the elevator’s roof to move forward. Next, shimmy along the narrow pathway to your right until you reach the end.

Unfortunately, the elevator there is inaccessible. But don’t worry! Just press the big red button in the power box on the wall. Once you’ve done that, step onto the elevator roof after lowering it and aim a rock at the power button. Hold L1 to aim and R1 to throw it.

Push the button in the power box to lower the elevator.
Throw a rock at the button in the power box to raise the elevator.

Once you reach the top, climb up the bags of cement and onto the ledge. Then, turn left to approach the culprit. Hailey will have a chat with her and encourage her to keep going, assuring her that she has the potential to create amazing art.

Next, you will get to play the spray painting mini-game one last time, but this time with six different spray colors. After completing the large mural, Hailey will invite Kayla to join the art club, and Kayla will gladly accept her invitation.

Finish the spray paint minigame with 6 different colors to finish the Graffiti Trouble mission.

Back from the memory line, Miles tells Hailey that she is amazing. Hailey, however, realizes she must hurry to the hospital. When Miles asks about the flowers, Hailey confesses that, unfortunately, she doesn’t have time to stand in line. Before Miles departs, he quickly orders a flower delivery for the hospital on his phone.

After finishing the Graffiti Trouble mission in Spider-Man 2, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 800 XP. Have you finished the other FNSM Requests like Find Grandpa, Rooftop Fireworks, Photo Help, and Howard? If not, our guides have all the info you need to finish them quickly.

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