Spider-Man 2 Find Grandpa Walkthrough: How To Solve the Botanical Garden Puzzle

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October 21, 2023

Spider-Man 2 Find Grandpa is the first FNSM mission you’ll unlock in the latest video game developed by Insomniac Games, and it requires you to find Tasha’s grandfather, Earl. The Find Grandpa FNSM mission includes multiple objectives, and it is a detective mission that also involves a chemical-based puzzle you may need help completing.

The Find Grandpa mission is mandatory for achieving 100% completion in Downtown Brooklyn, where you’ll get to meet Tasha. For finishing this activity, you’ll receive 600 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, and 200 XP Parts.

How To Start the Downtown Brooklyn Find Grandpa FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

To unlock the Find Grandpa FNSM Request in Downtown Brooklyn, first, you’ll have to complete the Show Me New York main mission and unlock the Photo Ops collectibles.

After you take your first picture, you can opt to find all Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops we already covered, or you can head to Downtown Brooklyn, where you should be able to find Tasha north of the Zoo. You can see her location on the map below, while the second screenshot shows Tasha waiting for you under the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch in Grand Army Plaza.

When talking to Tasha, she’ll tell you that her grandfather Earl disappeared when he went outside trying to meet someone. The only clue Tasha has is a picture. Your first objective in this mission is to find the location in the photo.

Where To Find the Photo Location

If you wonder where to find the Photo Location in the Find Grandpa FNSM mission, the answer is south of where you’ve met Tasha, in Downtown Brooklyn. If you enlarge the photo you received from Tasha, you’ll notice the entrance to the Prospect Park Zoo.

The Prospect Park Zoo is several meters south of your current location, so cross the street, and you’ll see it in a park. After reaching the Zoo, however, the objective won’t change because you have to find the exact location where the picture was taken. At that location, you’ll have to find a clue left behind by Grandpa Earl. This clue is, in fact, a letter, which sits in front of the large boulder in the middle of the Zoo plaza.

The exact location, as you can see below, is the small enclosure behind the stairs. Approach the enclosure and scan the letter by holding L2 on your PlayStation 5 controller. Now, pick it up and read it to learn about your next destination—specifically, the Botanical Garden.

The Spider-Man 2 Find Grandpa Photo Location is in the Zoo.

How To Solve the Botanical Garden Corrupted Atoms Puzzle

The Botanical Garden in Downtown Brooklyn is east of the Zoo, and all you need to do is follow the objective marker on your screen. When you get close to the plaza in front of the Garden, you’ll have to scan the environment for the next clue. The clue is an inhaler, which Grandfather Earl left on one of the stone pillars near the plaza. The left one as you face the large building.

The Botanical Garden clue is an inhaler.

Scan the pillar, then pick up the inhaler, and you’ll trigger a chemical analysis consisting of a small mini-game. This mini-game is a puzzle, and it has three stages. As you can guess, with each step, the difficulty increases.

To solve the Botanical Garden Chemistry Puzzle in Spider-Man 2 Find Grandpa mission; you must destroy the corrupted atoms (red) without destroying the essential atoms (green). To destroy an atom, all you need to do is select it and press X; however, the trick here is that when you destroy a corrupted atom, you’ll also destroy the adjacent atom (green or red). Let’s see how to solve this min-game.

Corrupted Atoms Level 1 Puzzle Solution

The first stage of the puzzle is the most accessible. To complete it, you have to:

  • Destroy the second corrupted atom on the left side branch
  • Destroy the middle corrupted atom on the upper right branch.
Destroy the two corrupted atoms.

Corrupted Atoms Level 2 Puzzle Solution

The second level of the Botanical Garden Corrupted Atoms Puzzle introduces the neutral atoms. To complete it, you must follow these steps:

  • Destroy the neutral atom on the lower left branch.
  • Destroy the right-side neutral atom on the central branch.
  • Destroy the only neutral atom on the right-side branch.
Destroy the corrupted atoms using neutral atoms.

Corrupted Atoms Level 3 Puzzle Solution

The third level of the Atoms Puzzle in the Botanical Garden is the most difficult because the chemical structure is very complex. Make sure you rotate the chemical structure as in the following screenshots and follow the same order as in the visual guide below.

After you solve the third level of the Puzzle, you’ll find a trail leading to Grandfather Earl’s location. Following the trail is pretty easy, but it requires a bit of legwork. All you need to do is follow the highlighted blue path, which leads you to Earl. The NPC is southwest of the Botanical Garden, sitting on a bench near the lake.

Grandpa Earl is found on a bench by the lake.

Interact with Grandpa Earl, and he’ll tell you a beautiful story about his former wife who passed away. By the time he ends the story, Tasha will appear, and you’ll be able to collect your rewards. Now, I recommend progressing the story to be able to play the next FNSM mission named Rooftop Fireworks.

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