Spider-Man 2 Photo Help Walkthrough: How To Get to the Bugle

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November 12, 2023

Photo Help is a request in the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) app in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It involves Peter Parker as Spider-Man helping a young photographer as she tries to launch her career for Daily Bugle.

How To Start the Midtown Photo Help FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

After finishing the Science Buddy main mission, you’ll soon receive the Photo Help app request in Midtown. The district also contains several collectibles, including two Marko’s Memories, two Photo Ops, a hidden Prowler Stash, and three Spider-Bots.

Make your way to the objective marker in the heart of the Midtown district, and you’ll meet Mina, an aspiring photographer. She’ll tell you about her passion for photography and how she found inspiration in the first Daily Bugle issue that showcased Peter Parker’s work.

Photo Help FNSM Request Location Map
Photo Help Mina Location

How To Get to the Bugle

After interacting with the newspaper on the right by pressing - GameClubz, get ready for a trip down memory lane. You’ll become a younger Peter, riding a bike with a mission to deliver a photo to John Jonah Jameson, Chief of the Daily Bugle.

Use the - GameClubz to steer, press - GameClubz to pedal, and press - GameClubz to brake when necessary. The goal is about 800m away and a pretty straightforward path. Just pedal down the street, staying in the middle of the lanes.

Pedal the bicycle with young Peter Parker to reach the Bugle.

You might come across a police chase or a delivery truck dropping crates onto the road, but don’t worry! Just turn left or right a little to avoid any obstacles and continue following the objective marker.

When you reach the construction site, dodge the swinging crane and take a left at the far end. Then, cut through the alley and turn right. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a lovely park.

How To Save the Mugging Victim

As you make your way through the park, you’ll see someone being mugged near the playground, and you’ll have to save him. Once you’ve dropped off your bike, take down the three thugs surrounding the victim. Then, be prepared for another thug with a crowbar to jump over the fence from the playground.

Defeat them all, and the Brute will break open the gates. Focus on defeating the only remaining smaller thug as quickly as possible so you can focus your full attention on the Brute. Keep in mind that in this flashback, you won’t have access to your Gadgets, Abilities, or whole move combos. However, the Brute will be less defensive, allowing you to attack him with basic combos and essentially stun him continuously.

Defeat the thugs around the playground to save the mugging victim during the Photo Help mission.

After defeating the Brute, go over to the victim, who will stand up and express gratitude for your heroic act. Then head back to your bike, and you’ll notice it has been damaged, with your photos scattered on the ground.

How To Sell the Photos to JJJ

After you pick up the photo off the ground, prepare yourself to run the rest of the way while yelling that you are a New Yorker. Hold - GameClubz to sprint through the park towards the Daily Bugle, crossing the street on the opposite side.

Once you’ve crossed the road, just go around to the other side of the coffee terrace. You’ll find JJJ right there on the table in front of you. Jonah, who can be rude at first, needs a photo for tomorrow’s front page. So, guess what? Pete now has a job!

Sell the photo of Spider-Man to JJJ sitting on the chair and drinking a coffee.

Back from the memory lane, Mina asks how to meet Peter Parker. You tell her to pursue her career and never give up. She agrees and asks for a cool action shot of you to take to the Bugle. After you get ready on the ledge, press - GameClubz when prompted to jump off and strike a pose.

After finishing the Photo Help mission in Spider-Man 2, you will be rewarded with 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 800 XP. Did you finish the Rooftop Fireworks or the Find Grandpa side missions from the FNSM app? If not, we’ve got you covered with our handy guides that will help you complete them in no time.

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