Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg Prowler Stash Location Guide

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October 23, 2023

The Williamsburg Prowler Stash is just one of the ten Prowler Stashes that can be found in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Each Prowler Stash is packed with 300 XP and, even more importantly, three Rare Tech Parts. These Rare Tech Parts are absolutely crucial when it comes to upgrading your Suit Tech.

Where To Find the Williamsburg Prowler Stash in Spider-Man 2

The Williamsburg Prowler Stash is located just a short distance to the east of the middle of Williamsburg, very close to the starting point of the BV Club Fair Brooklyn Visions side story, in case you’ve already unlocked that.

You can find this Prowler Stash in the heart of Williamsburg.

You will find it situated on one of the roofs of a reddish building. These roofs emit a pink glow, and once you are near, the pink Prowler icon will appear on your minimap, allowing you to discover the Prowler Stash easily.

How To Get A Room With a View Prowler Stash in Williamsburg

So, the building has actually roofs at four different heights, but the Prowler Code is situated on the second-highest one. Once there, hold down the - GameClubz button and make sure to scan the big gray panel on the right.

While holding the L2 button, scan the gray panel on the right side.
Proceed to the northeast edge of the roof, near the white light pole. Once there, pull the panel.

After completing the adaptive trigger minigame, get to the northeast edge of the roof near the white light pole and pull the panel by simultaneously holding down - GameClubz and - GameClubz.

Once it’s open, you’ll reveal a black wheel inside. Now, here’s the trick: you need to use the - GameClubz and - GameClubz buttons again to pull that wheel. But don’t stop there! To keep it in place, you’ll have to quickly and repeatedly tap the - GameClubzbutton to shoot enough webs until fully covered.

Pull the wheel and shoot enough webs until it's fully covered.
Again pull the second wheel and shoot enough webs until it's fully covered in them.

Once you’ve successfully rotated and stuck the first wheel, you’ll reveal another identical black wheel hidden behind the gray panel on the left. You know the drill: hold down - GameClubz and - GameClubz, and then keep tapping - GameClubz until that wheel is completely covered in webs.

Now, here’s the exciting part. With both wheels stuck, the small metal panel between them will open and stay open. Behind it, you’ll find a sweet reward of 300 XP and three Rare Tech Parts.

Oh, and by the way, since you’re in Williamsburg, make sure to swing by and pick up Marko’s Memory and capture the Photo Op.

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