Spider-Man 2 BV Club Fair Walkthrough: Where To Find Ms. Ferguson

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October 22, 2023

BV Club Fair is the first Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Vision mission in a series of five available in the latest video game developed by Insomniac Games, and it revolves around Ms. Ferguson, who went missing. Miles Morales’ teacher, Ms. Ferguson, is being held captive by some thugs, and your objective is to save her.

By completing the Spider-Man 2 BV Club Fair mission, you’ll earn 800 XP, 80 Tech Parts, and 8 City Tokens, but more importantly, you’ll unlock three additional Brooklyn Visions side stories you can play as Miles. Assuming you get stuck while looking for Miss Ferguson, in the following BV Club Fair walkthrough, I’ll tell you where to find and how to rescue her.

How To Start the Williamsburg BV Club Fair Brooklyn Vision Side Story in Spider-Man 2

To trigger the Spider-Man 2 BV Club Fair side story, you must progress the game and complete the main mission named Amends, during which Miles reunites with his uncle. At the end of the mission, you’ll unlock the Prowler Stashes, which I recommend getting before starting the BC Club Fair. Check our Spider-Man 2 Prowler Stashes guides if you need help with them.

After you complete the Amends story mission, you’ll unlock multiple side missions, including the first Brooklyn Vision story in Williamsburg. On the map below, you can see that this mission starts on the northeastern side of Williamsburg. Make your way to the location marked on my map, and you’ll find a rather large building – Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Go around the building and look for a metal bridge (tunnel) similar to the one in the second screenshot above. Climb on top of it and look for Miles’ backpack (third screenshot). Pick it up because you’ll need it to trigger a cutscene showing him changing his clothes.

Where To Find Ganke and Hailey

At the end of the cutscene, you’ll attend the Brooklyn Vision Club Fair, and your objective is to find Ganke and Hailey. Miles’ friends, Ganke and Hailey, are relatively easy to find. Follow the alley towards the pink tent in the distance; then, you should be able to see them in front of Newton’s Cafe stall.

Ganke and Hailey are waiting for you in front of Newton's Cafe tent.

During the dialogue between Miles, Ganke, and Hailey, you’ll spot the School Officer talking to the Principal about a missing person. This person is Ms. Ferguson, but you’ll need more details, which means you must find a way to get closer to the officer.

How To Get Closer to the Principal and Officer

To get closer to the Principal and Officer in Spider-Man 2 BV Club Fair mission, you must find a small passage behind the tents. From your current location, turn around and walk towards the other side of the fair (opposed to where you found Ganke and Gailey). Head past the Information Center tent (on the right side and you’ll spot another Newton’s Cafe booth. On the right side, you’ll see some blue containers.

Squeeze between the blue crates.

Squeeze between the containers, then in the area behind, you’ll find a hole in the fence. Move through the hole, then get close to the entrance of the yellow building to eavesdrop on what the Principal and Officer know about Ms. Ferguson. From their dialogue, you’ll learn that her fitness tracker’s signal provides their only lead. This is more than enough for you to locate the cute professor.

Where To Find Ms. Ferguson in Spider-Man 2

Ms. Ferguson is inside a criminal hideout found 523 meters southwest of your location after you return to the street. Open your map, and you’ll see the location marked on it. Get to the marker, and you’ll find a rather large hideout with several thugs you must defeat. Ms. Ferguson is inside the deposit with windows on the roof, but you won’t be able to get inside unless you clear the courtyard.

Ms Ferguson is being held captive inside a deposit.

How you approach the thugs in the courtyard depends on how you like playing the game. You can easily dispatch all of them using gadgets and Spider-Man’s cool combat moves, or you can remain hidden and deal with the thugs silently. For the latter option, consider moving from one high point to another and prioritize the targets on the roofs.

After you clear the courtyard, climb on top of the warehouse with the glass roof and press - GameClubz+- GameClubz to smash through the glass and deal with the thug inside. Now it’s time to head back outside because there are multiple enemies you’ll need to deal with before being able to carry Ms. Ferguson. Once the area is safe, head back to the warehouse and grab Miss Ferguson by pressing - GameClubz when next to her.

Get Miss Ferguson form the warehouse and head back to school.

Now, all you have to do is to return to the school. Swing around and follow the objective marker on your screen. When you get close, you’ll trigger a cutscene featuring the Principal who congratulates you, followed by a phone call from Ms. Atlas, who wants to meet Miles Morales. Alongside the rewards listed above, you’ll unlock the Homecoming, Senior Prank and Lights, Camera, Action side stories you should complete before progressing through the story.

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