Spider-Man 2 Midtown Photo Op Locations Guide

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October 21, 2023

To complete a Photo Op in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, finding the location of the activity is the first step. Once you’ve located one, you must determine what to photograph. Luckily, it’s usually something the people of New York are up to, so it’s not too difficult.

By discovering and capturing all of these moments, you will be one step closer to unlocking the New York, New York trophy.

Where To Find the Two Midtown Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2

In the crowded Midtown district of Spider-Man 2, you’ll find not one but two exciting Photo Op activities waiting for you to conquer. To make your search even more convenient, I have prepared a handy map below that will guide you straight to these activities. Let’s go over the Midtown Photo Op locations and explain what you have to capture with your camera, following the same order as on the map.

You can find and complete two Midtown Photo Ops activities in Spider-Man 2.

Allow me to guide you through the Midtown Photo Op locations, providing a detailed explanation of what you should aim to capture with your camera. We will follow the same order as indicated on the map.

Photo Op #1 (We Haven’t Forgotten): People Protesting Outside of Oscorp Industries

Make your way to the marked location in the northwest corner of Midtown and look for this group of protestors who are making their voices heard right outside the Oscorp Industries Headquarters. The wonderful people of New York City have definitely not forgotten what happened in the past, and guess what? You can capture this photographic evidence that will really help solidify those memories.

Take a picture of the people protesting outside of the Oscorp Indrustries Headquarters.

Photo Op #2 (Audition Place): The Broadway Performer

The following Photo Op in Midtown is located just a little to the southeast of the previous location. Here, you will have the opportunity to capture a talented individual practicing his piece before an important audition. It’s a chance for him to showcase his skills and potentially make a big impression in the bustling city of New York.

Take a picture of the Broadway Performer practicing his lines before an important audition.
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