Spider-Man 2 Bebop Walkthrough: How To Investigate the Residue

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November 13, 2023

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Bebop is the first side mission as part of the Cultural Museum side story. This mission features Miles Morales as he embarks on a journey to find Charlie Parker’s legendary saxophone. By completing this mission, you’ll be one step closer to uncovering the mastermind behind the plot to steal these valuable musical instruments.

How To Start the Cultural Museum Bebop Mission in Spider-Man 2

Once you finish the Funky main mission, and as you swing around the city as Miles Morales, Rio will give him a call. She wants to meet up and talk about the recent museum robbery. Just head to the objective marker in the northwest corner of Harlem and interact with the door on the rooftop to change clothes and start the Bebop mission in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 Cultural Museum Bebop Mission Location Map

Miles and Rio are sitting on a park bench. Rio tells Miles that the truck that got away from the museum is really old, and there aren’t many of them left in the city because of her anti-pollution work. Miles figures out that he can find the heist truck by tracking their emissions and maybe get back the stolen instruments.

How To Investigate the Residue

Go to the next objective marker, and you’ll reach the crime scene behind the Cultural Museum. While Angela and Darren talk about a possible donation nearby, drop down and use L2 to scan the area. Point your scanner towards the liquid puddle by the big garage door.

Investigate the Residue Objective Location

Approach the residue on the ground and press triangle to analyze it and start the atoms mini-game. There are a whopping 26 corrupted atoms to deal with, the most I’ve ever seen! But don’t worry, it’s not too tricky. Most of them are connected, making it easier to clear them out. If you’re having trouble, just head to the Pause Menu and choose the Skip Puzzle option. There won’t be any penalties for doing so.

After finishing the task, you can easily follow the pollution trail through the nearby streets. Keep following it until you reach an alleyway. There, you will see the heist truck that escaped and a group of criminals.

A group of criminals near the truck of the stolen instruments.

After defeating all the enemies, head to the back of the truck and press the triangle button to open it. Surprise! It’s empty. You’ll hear a phone ringing nearby. Turn left at the back of the truck, and you’ll spot the phone on a wooden crate. After reading the messages, you’ll learn that they are looking for Charlie Parker’s saxophone.

How To Search the Park for the Trumpet Player

After that, Miles calls his mother to update her on what’s happening. Rio urgently instructs him to make his way to CJ Walker Park. Follow the objective marker to a rooftop east of the park and interact with the door to change clothes.

As you explore, you’ll have the chance to interact with different people. Steff is near the central sphere, and Caleb is to the right. But if you want to move forward with the Bebop mission, simply loop around the left side of the central sphere. At the far end of the park, slightly to the right, you’ll find Teo playing his trumpet alongside his Spider-Cat. You can press R3 to highlight his location through the crowd.

Teo performing in the CJ Walker Park.

Teo will tell you that he heard some kids bring in a saxophone they found on the street when he was at a music store on Cathedral Street. Make your way to the next objective marker to find Keynote Music, a music store that got ransacked.

How To Investigate the Ransacked Music Store

After speaking to the witness in front of the store, make your way to the alley located behind the building. There, you will find a group of museum burglars attacking the store owner. Defeat all the enemies, then head over to Eugene, who is lying on the ground. He will express his gratitude and give you the keys to his car. Miles will then open the trunk and grab the saxophone.

Miles Morales handing over the Charlie Parker's saxophone to Eugene, so he can return it to the Cultural Center.

When Eugene heads out to return the saxophone, Miles pulls up the phone he found near the truck. He decides to use it to arrange a meeting with the mastermind later in the evening by claiming that he has found the saxophone.

After successfully finishing the Bebop side mission in Spider-Man 2, you will be rewarded with 8 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 1200 XP. As soon as you finish this mission, the Hard Bop Cultural Museum mission becomes available.

While you’re in Harlem, why not snap the Photo Op, clear the three Hunter Blinds, and collect the three Spider-Bots? They’ll reward you with Tech Parts, Hero Tokens, and XP, which you can use to upgrade your suit, gadgets, and abilities.

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