Spider-Man 2 Central Park Spider-Bot Locations Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
October 26, 2023

In the beautiful Central Park District of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you must track down two Spider-Bots that will get you one step closer to completing the area and unlocking the fast-travel option. The Iron Spider and Spider-Man 1602 Spider-Bot collectibles are relatively easy to find if you know where to look for them.

However, since they don’t get marked on your map, you’ll have to fully explore Central Park, looking for the pink pulses emitted by the spiderbots. Assuming you want to find them faster, though, throughout the following Spider-Man 2 guide, we’ll cover the locations of both Central Park Spider-Bots. Additionally, you can use our custom map below, which pinpoints the exact spots where you’ll find the two collectibles.

Where To Find the Two Central Park Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

The following map shows the areas you’ll need to search while looking for the tiny mechanical spiders. One is found in the center of the park, while the other is on the northern side.

The full map showing the locations of the two Spider-Man 2 Central Park Spider-Bots collectibles

If by any chance you can’t find them using our custom map, here is where to look for them in the video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Iron Spider Spider-Bot #1: Inside a Tunnel

The Iron Spider Spider-Bot in Central Park can be difficult to find. Head to the location I marked on our map, but make sure you look for it in the tunnel or underground passage. As you can see below, it’s on the tunnel’s ceiling. The spider’s description reads: “Can never go wrong having more arms. Especially if they’re iron-reinforced alloy.”

The Iron Spider Spider-Bot is on the ceiling of a tunnel.

Spider-Man 1602 Spider-Bot #2: On a Large Rock.

The second Spider-Man 2 Spiderbot collectible is very accessible because of its location. Swing to the second marker on my map, and you’ll see it on a rather large rock in the middle of the park. When you pick it up, it will be added to your collection with the following description: “Look at that frilly neck thing – it’s like fashion from a couple centuries ago.”

The second Central Park Spider-Bot is on a large rock.

Easy right? Now that you found the two little robots in Central Park let’s go after the Upper West Side Spider-Bots.

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