Spider-Man 2 Room for the Future Side Mission: How To Get the Final Prowler Stash in Harlem

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October 24, 2023

Room for the Future is a heartwarming side story in the thrilling world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Once you’ve successfully collected the other 9 Prowler Stashes scattered throughout New York City, this mission will become available to you.

Upon completing the Room for the Future side mission, you will be generously rewarded with a whopping 2000 XP and a delightful bundle of eight Rare Tech Parts, your main resource to upgrade your Suit Tech. And if that’s not enough to make you jump for joy, you’ll even snag the Co-Signing Trophy!

How To Start the Room for the Future Side Story in Spider-Man 2

Before you can start the Room for the Future side story, you’ll need to put in some effort by gathering the initial 9 Prowler Stashes. These stashes are spread throughout the city and can be accessed once you’ve completed the sixth main mission called Amends, where you must collect your first Prowler Stash in the Upper West Side.

If you’re having trouble finding and looting them, I recommend checking out our comprehensive guides on all Prowler Stashes in Spiderman 2. They provide in-depth information to help you out.

You will trigger the Room for the Future mission once you have looted all 9 Spider-Man 2 Prowler Stashes. Once done, head to the southwestern part of Harlem to find the final Prowler Stash collectible, as shown in the image below.

The Prowler Stash is found on the rooftop of the building where you encountered Miles' uncle, Aaron Davis, in the Amends main story mission.

The Prowler Stash will take you back to the rooftop of the same building where you met Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis, during the Amends main story mission. As you get close to the marked location, look for the same pink glow coming off the roof. You can also check your map and radar for the pink Prowler icon.

How To Complete the Spider-Man 2 Room for the Future Mission

After you reach the marked location, activate your scanner by pressing and holding - GameClubz. Direct your attention to the southern side of the small building and scan the steam pipe for the Prowler Code. After you successfully complete the adaptive trigger minigame, position yourself near the southern edge of the roof and hold down the - GameClubz and - GameClubz buttons to pull the pipe towards you.

Scan the steam pipe on the southern side of the small building.
Hold L1 and R1 simultaneously to pull the pipe.

Doing so, the white panel next to the door will open and reveal the Prowler Stash… without a stash. Instead, you’ll find the blueprints to Miles’ apartment building on the desk. Now, follow the quest marker to Miles’ apartment. Once on the rooftop, you’ll see a backpack hanging on a steam pipe.

Interact with it to trigger a short cutscene and enter the apartment. Head over to the kitchen and check out the photo of his dad and uncle from back in the day. After that, follow the quest marker in the nearby living room and press - GameClubz to inspect the missing record player.

Go to the kitchen and see the old photo of Miles' dad and uncle.
Follow the marker and inspect the missing record player.

You will then hear music coming from upstairs. Follow its source into the stairwell and proceed upstairs. The Room for the Future mission in Spider-Man 2 concludes with the following cutscene.

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