Spider-Man 2 Hell’s Kitchen EMF Experiment Location Guide

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October 26, 2023

The Hell’s Kitchen EMF Experiment in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the nine experiments you can dive into. Every experiment has its unique set of objectives, and we covered each one in great detail in their own guides on our Wiki Hub Page.

In general, these objectives involve locating an Emily-May Foundation workbench, listening to the instructions provided by the pre-recorded message, and successfully completing the assigned task. As a token of appreciation, you will be rewarded with 700 XP, 3 Rare Tech Parts, and 140 Tech Parts.

Where To Find the Hell’s Kitchen EMF Experiment in Spider-Man 2

The Hell’s Kitchen EMF Experiment can be found in the northwest corner of the district, just a stone’s throw away from the border of the Upper West Side district. To help you easily find the EMF Experiment, I have provided a handy map below that pinpoints the exact location.

I’d like to mention that the EMF Experiment Portside: Plant Science in Hell’s Kitchen becomes available once you’ve successfully completed the Chinatown EMF Experiment.

There is only one EMF Experiment in the Hell's Kitchen district.

EMF Experiment #1: Portside Plant Science

Once you reach the marked location, interact with the Emily-May Foundation workbench near the water tower and listen to the pre-recorded message from Dr. Foster. It appears that the plants are not growing as intended.

First, let’s take a closer look at the spilled water near the workbench. To get to the bottom of this, I’ll guide you through a little minigame. In this game, your task is to eliminate those pesky corrupted atoms while being careful not to destroy any of the important ones.

Feel free to refer to the image provided below for some helpful guidance, or if you prefer, you can simply access the pause menu and select the option to skip the puzzle.

Remove the corrupted atoms without causing destroying the essential ones.

Next, let’s make our way towards the water in the southwest direction by following the quest marker. Once there, you’ll need to catch a fish, which can be done by performing a web pull by holding - GameClubz and - GameClubz at the same time.

I suggest landing on one of the wooden beams sticking out from the water and then using the Scan feature - GameClubz to locate nearby fish. Keep in mind that Peter is searching for a particular type of fish, so you might have to catch more than one.

To catch a fish, perform a web pull by holding L1 and R1 simultaneously.

Once you’ve successfully caught the right fish to collect a specimen, bring it back to the workbench on the rooftop and get ready to tackle this plant attributes puzzle. Once more, feel free to refer to the image provided below if you need help finding the solution. Alternatively, you can choose to skip it altogether by accessing the pause menu.

Use the solution depicted in this image to easily solve the plant attribute puzzle as part of the EMF Experiment.

After successfully cracking this puzzle, you’ll be able to mark the Hell’s Kitchen EMF Experiment as complete. As a result, you will unlock Two Bridges: Plant Science, the next EMF Experiment in the Financial District.

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