Spider-Man 2 Monster in Queens Walkthrough: How To Investigate the Backyard

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November 13, 2023

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the Monster in Queens is the final request on the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) app that you can complete. This mission calls for Miles Morales as Spider-Man to lend a hand in investigating reports of a monstrous beast causing havoc in the peaceful outskirts of Queens known as Astoria.

If you have successfully completed the previous five FNSM app requests, you will also be rewarded with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Trophy. To help you achieve this, here is a comprehensive guide for each of the requests:

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide and some handy tips to complete the Monster in Queens FNSM Request in Spider Man 2!

How To Start the Astoria Monster in Queens FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

Once you finish the Wings of My Own main mission, you’ll unlock the Monster in Queens FNSM request in Spider-Man 2. Just head towards the objective marker in the northeast corner of the Astoria district, and you’ll find a cozy wooden porch. Inside, you’ll meet Alma, a kind elderly woman who happens to be blind.

Astoria Monster in Queens FNSM Request Location Map
Astoria Monster in Queens Mission Alma Location

How To Investigate the Backyard

Alma needs your help investigating her backyard, which has been ravaged by a beast. Once you’re done talking, go left into the garden and use - GameClubz to scan your surroundings. Start by scanning the trail on the ground under the clothesline, then check out the puddle of blue liquid near the back of the garden where the fence is damaged.

Scan the puddle of liquid in the back of the yard.

Approach the puddle and scan the liquid on the ground to trigger the atoms mini-game, in which you’ll have to clear the corrupted atoms while avoiding destroying the essential ones. If you’d rather skip this mini-game, just go to the Pause Menu and choose to skip the puzzle. Don’t worry; there won’t be any penalty for skipping it.

How To Search the Area in the Woods

Once you’re done, just follow the trail through the woods until you reach some water. Use - GameClubz to scan the rocks with footprints on the far side of the water. Then, scan the car’s hood and the pool of liquid behind it.

Scan the footprints on the rocks by the water.
Scan the hood of th car with footprints on it.
Scan the puddle of liquid behind the car.

How To Approach and Stop the Beast

Now, you will see another trail starting from here. So, just keep following it through the outskirts, over rooftops, until you finally reach a small fenced-off area. There, you’ll find a Hunter Beast between the two blue dumpsters. When you go to the machine and activate it, get ready for an attack.

Press - GameClubz button several times when prompted until you push the beast away from you. Once you’ve successfully kicked it away, Ganke will work his magic and hack it, turning it into a puppy.

Repeatedly press square button to push Hunter Beast off you.

While Ganke explains that the beast has uploaded data and videos about dogs as pets from the internet, you can use the - GameClubz button to aim and the - GameClubz button to shoot at the highlighted objects nearby. This will cause the Hunter Beast to playfully chase down those objects.

Shoot Webs at the nearby highlighted objects to play fetch with the beast.

Once you’ve listened to the audio file, you’ll discover some rather shocking information. It turns out that the owner of the beast attempted to harm it to hide a murder. Then, two Talon Drones will swoop in and distract Fido, the Hunter Beast, and a thrilling chase will begin.

As you hang on to a web being dragged by Fido, just remember to move left or right to avoid any obstacles that may come your way. The Talon Drones will take Hunter Beast to a little church where some hunters are waiting. Start by defeating the Hunter with the crossbow on the church, and then focus on the three Talon Drones flying around. After that, you’ll only have a few regular Hunters to handle.

Defeat the Talon Drones and the Hunters near the small church.

Once you’ve taken care of all the enemies, simply approach the Hunter Beast from the left side and press - GameClubz to remove the arrow sticking out of his side. After that, you’ll automatically be back outside Alma’s porch with Fido by your side. Head up and have a chat with Alma, who will warmly welcome Fido as her guide dog. No more allergy worries!

Speak with Alma to end the Monster in Queens mission in Spider-Man 2.

After finishing the Monster in Queens mission in Spider-Man 2, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 800 XP. Since you’re already in Astoria, why not snap the two Photo Ops, unlock the hidden Prowler Stash, and collect the four Spider-Bots? They’re all necessary if you want to reach 100% completion in the game.

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