Spider-Man 2 Rooftop Fireworks Walkthrough: How To Get Rid of the Fireworks

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October 22, 2023

Rooftop Fireworks is the second Spider-Man 2 FNSM request or side-mission you can unlock while progressing through the story, and it becomes available in Little Odessa. Unlike the first FNSM request named Find Grandpa, Spider-Man 2 Rooftop Fireworks doesn’t include a puzzle but focuses on stealth and speed.

The Rooftop Fireworks FNSM mission is also notably shorter yet mandatory for obtaining 100% completion in Little Odessa alongside all other collectibles and activities we’ve listed on our Spider-Man 2 Strategy Guide page. The FNSM mission rewards you with 600 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, and 200 Tech Parts.

How To Start the Little Odessa Rooftop Fireworks FNSM Request in Spider-Man 2

To start the Rooftop Fireworks FNSM request or to unlock this side-mission in the Little Odessa District of Spider-Man 2, first, you must complete the fourth main mission in the game, named Roll Like We Used To. The mission allows Peter to spend time with MJ and Harry Osborn. Once you beat the main mission, I recommend finding Marko’s Memory in Little Odessa and the three Photo Opts collectibles.

Next, check your map, and on the southern side of the district, you’ll see the icon that allows you to start the Rooftop Fireworks request. Head to the location on my map below, and you’ll find Mike and Henry on top of a building. You can’t miss them because of the fireworks they launch.

Once you get close to them, you’ll witness an unfortunate event and see Mike being knocked out by one of the fireworks. Your next objective is to carry Henry to the closest hospital.

How To Carry Mike to the Hospital

Carrying injured Mike to the hospital is an easy task. Simply approach the NPC on the ground and press - GameClubz to pick him up. Now, on your screen, you should see the location of the hospital, roughly 490 meters northwest of your current position. Start swinging by pressing - GameClubz, but don’t worry because there is no time limit, and Mike won’t die. When you get close to the hospital, by the entrance, you’ll see a bed.

The hospital in Spider-Man 2 Rooftop Fireworks FNSM mission is in the upper left corner of Little Odessa.

Get close to the bed and press - GameClubzto place Mike on it. After saving Mike, he’ll tell you that the fireworks he found with Henry were sketchy and might hurt other people. So, he suggests that you investigate where they found them—specifically the waterfront.

Where To Find The Waterfront Thugs

Your next stop is the Little Odessa waterfront, located northeast of the hospital where you dropped Mike. Open your map, and you should see your destination, 550 meters northeast. Head to the marker on your map, and you’ll find a small camp where some thugs craft the fireworks. As you get close, you’ll be asked to defeat all the thugs within the small compound.

How you approach this objective depends on your playstyle because there are no bonuses to be earned. If you want, you can ambush them and use Miles’ gadgets or skills to dispatch them, but you can also remain unseen and take out the thugs individually. If you choose the latter, use the light posts to your advantage and the Perch Takedown ability. After you defeat all enemies within the camp, approach the crafting table by the water.

Check the crafting table inside the camp.

How To Get Rid of the Fireworks

The last Rooftop Fireworks mission objective in Spider-Man 2 is to get rid of the remaining fireworks that are about to explode. This objective requires speed because there are three fireworks boxes you have to throw away and detonate while in the air:

  • The first box is on the table. Press and hold L1+R1 to throw the box, then tap R1 to destroy it.
  • The second box is on the right side of the table. Again, press and hold L1+R1 to throw the box, then tap R1 to destroy it.
  • The third box is on the blue container on the left side of the table while facing the river. Detonate it in the air.
Detonate the fireworks boxes after you throw them away.

After you manage to destroy the three boxes of fireworks, you’ll receive a phone call from Henry, and you can leave the area and continue exploring New York before the next FNSM request (Photo Help) becomes available.

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