Spider-Man 2 Hell’s Kitchen Photo Op Location Guide

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October 21, 2023

In Marvel’s Spiderman 2, you’ll come across numerous opportunities to capture breathtaking moments in-game. These special spots, known as Photo Ops, include various scenarios, buildings, and landmarks that you can snap a picture of.

One of them can be found in Hell’s Kitchen district. However, there’s a whole bunch of them scattered across each district, just waiting for you to discover and complete. If you need help with them or any other collectible in the game, consider visiting our Spider-Man 2 Wiki Hub Page.

Where To Find the Hell’s Kitchen Photo Op in Spider-Man 2

The Photo Op in Hell’s Kitchen is located in the southeastern part of the district, on the northern side of a round stadium. I’ve created a custom map just for you! It’s right below, and it will lead you straight to the location of the activity.

In the Hell's Kitchen of Spider-Man 2 you can find and capture only one Photo Op.

Photo Op #1 (The Duel): The Musicians

In the southeastern area of the Hell’s Kitchen district, you’ll find a round indoor stadium. On the northern side of the stadium, there is a thrilling duel showcasing the art of musical improvisation with a crowd of people gathered around the musicians. Take a photo of them and capture the lively atmosphere.

To capture the perfect shot, simply open the Camera app by swiping up on your Touchpad and make sure your subjects are in the frame. Once you see a green circle, go ahead and snap away to capture the photo.

Take a picture of the musicians in the Hell's Kitchen of Spider-Man 2.

Congratulations on capturing this moment in the bustling Hell’s Kitchen district of Spider-Man 2! While in the neighborhood, you might want to consider checking out the Midtown Photo Ops and Upper West Side Photo Ops. They both have great spots for capturing some amazing pictures!

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