Spider-Man 2 Financial District Photo Op Location Guide

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October 22, 2023

In the expansive open world of Insomniac’s latest superhero game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are numerous activities to enjoy. One of these exciting activities is the Photo Ops. Equipped with your trusty camera, you’ll embark on a tour of all the districts in the magnificent city of New York. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to capture the vibrant culture and diverse individuals that make this city truly special. One such fantastic Photo Op awaits you in the Financial District.

Once you’ve found the subject, simply swipe up on the touchpad of your PS5 controller to open your camera. To aim, just hold down (L2), and when you’re ready, press (R1) to capture the perfect photo. By participating in these Photo Ops activities, you’ll not only earn XP but also receive City Tokens. And if you manage to complete all 23 of them, you’ll be rewarded with the New York, New York trophy.

Where To Find the Financial District Photo Op in Spider-Man 2

The Financial District Photo Op is situated at the region’s southern edge, just as indicated on the map below. If you’re still at the story’s beginning, this area is still covered in dunes. The good news is that this makes taking a picture much easier since you won’t have to worry about any traffic getting in your way!

There is only one Photo Op in Financial District of Spider-Man 2.

Photo Op #1 (It Was An Accident): Taxi and Bike Accident

To capture this Photo Op, make your way to the park located at the southern tip of the Financial District. Once there, keep an eye out for a woman engaged in a spirited conversation with a taxi driver. It seems that he accidentally collided with her bike. This scene will make an excellent photo for Robbie Robertson, and with any luck, they won’t mind you capturing the moment.

Take a picture of the two people arguing in near the taxi cab.
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