Spider-Man 2 Downtown Brooklyn EMF Experiment Locations Guide

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October 26, 2023

EMF Experiments are fun side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You can unlock them after completing the Healing The World main story mission. There are actually two of them waiting to be conducted in the Downtown Brooklyn district.

Unlike other collectibles, EMF Experiments do not all appear on the map at once. There is a loose narrative order to them. So, if you visit one of the locations mentioned below and do not see an EMF Experiment, it simply means that you need to complete some of the available EMF Experiments first. Here’s all you need to know about the Downtown Brooklyn EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2.

Where To Find the Two Downtown Brooklyn EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2

In Downtown Brooklyn, you will have the opportunity to conduct two EMF Experiments. However, before you can dive into these exciting experiments, there are a few previous experiments that you will need to complete.

For the first EMF Experiment (Prospect Park: Bee Drones), you will need to complete the Central Park Bee Drones EMF Experiment first, followed by the Queens Apiary Bee Drones EMF Experiment. For the second EMF Experiment, you’ll only need to complete the Central Park Energy EMF Experiment.

Once you have finished conducting all of the experiments mentioned earlier, please take a moment to check the map and locate both of their locations.

There are two EMF Experiments in Downtown Brooklyn.

EMF Experiment #1: Prospect Park Bee Drones

Once more, you find yourself at the helm of the bee drone, ready to eliminate those pesky holographic targets. Once you’ve successfully dealt with them, your next task is to navigate the drone through the yellow bee holograms. However, just as you’re engrossed in your experiment, someone unexpectedly interrupts your progress.

First, head over to where the drone was last seen. Then, check out the nearby garages to see if you can find where those sneaky thieves ran off. Once you land on an antenna on the roof, press the Triangle. If you’re in the right place, you’ll be able to connect with the drone.

After you restore the Bee Drone connection, activate Sonic Mode and free the captured bees to scare the poachers outside.

Once you’ve restored the connection with the Bee Drone, you can activate Sonic Mode to free the captured bees on the shelves and scare those poachers out of their hideout. Peter will be waiting outside to take care of them. Once you defeat them, the Bee Drones EMF Experiment will be considered complete.

EMF Experiment #2: Brooklyn Heights Energy

To conduct this experiment, you will need to deploy a set of turbines. To accomplish this, you will have to glide around using your web wings at a sufficiently high altitude. Peter will mention that relying only on the wings might not be sufficient to reach the required height. Instead, he suggests heading towards the marked location where you can enter a wind stream that will get high up into the sky.

Go to the marked spot. Enter the wind stream to reach the sky.
Press square button to deploy turbines at required height.

When you reach the required height, press the - GameClubz button to deploy the turbines. Once you’ve released five of them, you’ll receive an alert indicating that one of the turbines is facing some trouble. Don’t worry; just head over to the marker and take care of those pesky hunters who are attacking the turbine.

Web throw the turbine to start it up.

To successfully complete the Brooklyn Heights Energy EMF Experiment in Downtown Brooklyn, all you need to do is use the web throw ability (- GameClubz+- GameClubz) on the turbine to bring it up and running.

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