Spider-Man 2 Hell’s Kitchen Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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October 25, 2023

After getting the Greenwich Spider-Bot collectibles, it’s time to focus on the four bots in the Hell’s Kitchen District of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which are the last collectibles you need to achieve 100% completion. The Spider-Man 2 Hell’s Kitchen Spider-Bots follow the same logic as those in Greenwich, meaning they won’t appear on your map but have fixed locations.

As such, to get the four Spider-Bot collectibles in Spider-Man 2 Hell’s Kitchen District, you can use our guide and custom map. Remember, though, that these collectibles won’t be available in the game until you complete the 12th main mission, named Science Buddy, and the short intermission named Spider-Spy.

Where To Find the Four Hell’s Kitchen Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

For this guide to be as helpful as possible, we’ve created a custom map showing the locations of the four Hell’s Kitchen Spiderbots you must collect. All of them are available the moment you unlock these collectibles in the video game developed by Insomniac Games.

The map shows the locations of all Spider-Man 2 Hell's Kitchen Spider-Bots collectibles.

Now, let’s follow the same order as the one on the map and get these little robots.

Spirit Spider Spider-Bot #1: On a Church Wall

The first Hell’s Kitchen Spider-Bot on the map above is found in the southeastern corner of the district, and it’s pretty easy to spot if you follow the pink pulse it emits. Make your way to the location I have marked for you, and you’ll be able to spot a church. Check the church’s southern or back wall to see the Spiderbot moving around. Get close to it and pull it towards you. You’ll also get 150 XP and 100 Tech Parts from this collectible alone. Its description reads: “High-tech masterpiece. This one’s got spirit.”

The first Spider-Man 2 Hell's Kitchen Spider-Bot is on the back wall of a church.

Rhino Spider-Bot #2: On a Factory Smoke Stack

For the second Hell’s Kitchen Spiderbot in Spider-Man 2, head northwest, towards the waterfront. At the location marked above, you’ll find a rather large factory. When you get close, look up and see the glowing pink pulse. The Spiderbot is standing on the southernmost smoke stack. To get it, swing towards it and press Triangle when nearby. The collectible’s description reads” “Looks like Aleksei’s design – but in what universe would he ever use a Spider-Bot?”

The second Spiderbot collectible is siting on a smoke stack.

Vulture Spider-Bot #3: Floating in the Air

The third collectible is a bit trickier to get. You’ll find it on the eastern side of the district (check the map above), but you’ll have to look for it in the air. To get the Spider-Man 2 Vulture Spider-Bot, you must launch yourself from the highest building nearby. Consider the roof of the eastern skyscraper in the Midtown district (visible in the screenshot below). Next, fly towards the collectible and quickly press Triangle when close. If you check your collection, you’ll see the following description: “Huh. This one’s more of a bird than a spider.”

The third Spider-Bot In Hell's Kitchen is floating in the air.

Future Foundation Spider-Bot #4: Next to a Cylindrical Satellite Dish

The last Spiderbot collectable in the Hell’s Kitchen District of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is found in the upper right corner of the map. When you reach the location I have marked for you, look for a white building with an unusual cylinder on the roof. The bot is walking on the wall next to the cylinder. The bot’s description in your collection reads: “Solid foundation on this one. Should make a note for future development.”

all hells kitchen spider bots locations in spider man 2 - GameClubz

Great job! Now that you have found the four Spider-Bots, I recommend going after the Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash and the Photo Op before going after the Financial District Spider-Bots.

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