Spider-Man 2 Hard Bop Walkthrough: How To Apprehend Darren

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November 13, 2023

Hard Bop is the last side mission as part of the Cultural Museum side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In this mission, Miles Morales discovers the truth about the musical instruments heist and saves the community’s musical legacy.

Here is everything you need to know about the Hard Bop in Spider-Man 2, including a list of rewards, and some helpful tips to complete this mission.

How To Start the Cultural Museum Hard Bop Mission in Spider-Man 2

The Hard Bop side mission becomes available immediately after you finish the previous Cultural Museum side mission called Bebop. Just head to the objective marker in the northwest corner of Harlem and interact with the door on the rooftop.

Spider-Man 2 Cultural Museum Hard Bop Mission Location Map

How To Confront the Museum Heist Boss

After interacting with the door, Miles will wait until night for the scheduled meeting with the museum heist boss. It turns out that Darren, the supposed donor for the Cultural Museum, is actually the mastermind behind everything. Isn’t that surprising?

Museum Heist Boss Scheduled Meeting Location

Defeat the criminals around Darren and then approach him, who is lying on the floor. He may try to explain himself, but Miles assures him that Councilwoman Morales will be informed about the situation. However, before any action can be taken, more thugs will appear on the rooftop.

How To Apprehend Darren

Once you’ve defeated the final wave of criminals, you’ll notice that Darren has vanished. Using your phone, you’ll discover that Darren is attempting to flee in a car on the street below. After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself in the air chasing his car.

Remember to maintain a strong forward momentum as the two cars accelerate. When you come within 30m of the first car, simply press the triangle to perform a Vehicle Takedown. Then, press square to kick the driver out of the car. With the criminals’ car out of the way, continue the chase and catch up to Darren’s vehicle.

Press triangle withing 30m of the car to perform a vehicle takedown.

As you chase Darren, he will try to justify his actions. Once you’re within 30m, press the triangle button to reach the vehicle’s roof, pull Darren out, and stop the car. After webbing Darren to a wall, Miles takes the time to explain the immorality of his actions and lies, emphasizing that the instruments belong to the community despite any personal attachment he may have.

Darren found himself stuck on the wall, receiving a lecture from Miles Morales about his immoral actions.

The police promptly lead Darren away, and you’ll find yourself at the Music History exhibition. Explore the exhibition by starting on the right and following the curve to the left at the end of the hall. When you’re finished exploring, have a chat with Rio near the stage.

Speak with Rio at the Music History exhibit to finish the Hard Bop side mission in Spider-Man 2.

Rio shares with Miles that the museum has achieved a record number of memberships, and everything is going to be okay. They both express their excitement, and Rio jokingly suggests that they should team up on the next mission. Spider-Mom confirmed? Then, they dance together and enjoy the music.

After successfully finishing the Hard Bop side mission, you will be rewarded with 10 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts, and 1200 XP. Additionally, you will unlock the City Sounds Suit for Miles Mores and the My Community Trophy!

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