Spider-Man 2 Upper West Side Photo Op Location Guide

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October 21, 2023

Did you know that there are a total of 23 Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game? These Photo Ops are a particular type of collectible that requires you to capture unique moments happening in New York City. One of them is located in the Upper West Side district.

You’ll easily spot them on your Map as they are marked with a green camera icon. Once you stumble upon one, simply swipe up on the Touchpad to bring it into focus. You’ll know you’ve got it right when the screen flashes green and you see the “Subject in Focus” prompt.

Where To Find the Upper West Side Photo Op in Spider-Man 2

The Upper West Side Photo Op is located right on the rooftops in the heart of the district. To make things even easier for you, I have created a custom map below that will guide you directly to the activity’s location.

There is only one Photo Op activity in Upper West Side district.

Photo Op #1 (Kinda Fanboys): Two Shirtless Men Wearing Masks

To find the Photo Op in the Upper West Side of Spider-Man 2, head to the rooftops in the middle-ish part of the district. Look for two shirtless individuals wearing Spider-Man masks and being filmed by a cameraman. Get close to them to take a photo to finish the activity.

Take a picture of the two shirtless individuals wearing Spider-Man masks.

Let me fill you in on this little inside joke from Kinda Funny (Youtube Media Group). It all started back in 2018 when the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game was about to be released. Kinda Funny came up with this hilarious idea of Shirtless Spider-Man, and it quickly became a fan favorite. In the “Back to School” mission of the first game, you could actually find Shirtless Spider-Man hanging out with the costumed students. It was a fun little Easter egg.

But Kinda Funny didn’t stop there. They also introduced Shirtless Miles Morales, who joins the original Spider-Man in this awesome Photo Op. The two individuals referenced in the Photo Op are Greg Miller (left) and Blessing Adeyoye Jr. (right). 

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