Spider-Man 2 Remember Side Mission: How To Get Marko’s Last Memory Crystal

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October 21, 2023

Remember is a Spider-Man 2 side mission that becomes available after you find thirteen of Marko’s Memory collectibles available in the video game developed by Insomniac Games. As such, it’s easy to assume that the Spider-Man 2 Remember mission is hidden because if you rush through the game without taking your time finding Sandman’s memories, you won’t be able to trigger one of the saddest missions in the game.

The Remember mission is an epilogue to Flint Marko’s story, revealed by the audio logs inside the crystals you find scattered all over New York. The story outlines how Flint Marko or the Sandmand left his home after suspecting someone was tracking him. Flint left behind his daughter Keemia Alvarado, but he was eventually captured by those hunting him.

He ended up in a cage where he used Sandman to escape before returning home. After escaping and returning to his house, Flint discovered his daughter was missing. The hunters, however, waited for him and used chemicals to put him down before taking him back to a dungeon.

While he never gave up on Keemia, in jail, Flint realized that he couldn’t escape, and he finally gave up, allowing Sandman to take over. Because he was forced to break his promise to Keemia, Flint or the Sandman decided to seek vengeance, tearing the city apart.

How To Start the Remember Side Mission in Spider-Man 2

The Remember side-mission in Spider-Man 2 is easy to complete, but starting it requires a bit of legwork because you have to collect the first 13 Marko’s Memories. They are scattered around the city and become available after the second main mission in the game (One Thing at a Time).

If by any chance you encounter difficulties in getting them, I suggest following our in-depth guides, which cover all Marko’s Memory Crystal locations:

Once you get the 13 Spider-Man 2 Memories belonging to Flint Marko, you’ll trigger the Remember mission and find the last Memory collectible on the southeastern side of Downtown Brooklyn.

The last Spider-Man 2 Marko Memory is found during the Remember side mission.

Head to the above location to find the fourteenth Marko Memory Crystal near a demolished building. Unlike all other crystals, this one is not protected by Sandman’s minions. Interact with it, and you’ll be teleported to Sandman’s realm.

How To Recover the Sand Crystal

Inside Sandman’s realm, your objective is to follow the glowing spark floating in the air, as it will lead you to a Sand Crystal. This task is easy to complete since you don’t have to rush. Start by jumping over Sandman’s first head, then take a left turn when you reach the second head.

Keep following the flying grain of sand and jump over the third head through the two stone pillars to reach a larger area where the sand crystal awaits.

Jump through the two pillars.

When you reach the next area, you’ll have to face many of Sandman’s minions; however, don’t focus on them. Instead, focus on destroying the large yellow crystal by throwing stones at it (hold L1+R1).

Even though Sandman’s minions keep spawning, you should only kill as many as needed to clear the area around you because your primary target is the large crystal. If you destroy it fast, you’ll instantly kill all Sandman’s thugs.

Once you shatter the large crystal, you’ll unlock Marko’s last memory named Together Again. It is a heartbreaking farewell message left by Fint Marko for his daughter Keemia. According to the audio log, Keemia lives with his mother, Alma Alvarado. After returning to New York, it’s time to meet Marko’s daughter.

Where To Find Keemia in Spider-Man 2

Keemia Alvarado, or Flint’s daughter, is found in Astoria at the location marked on my map below, so you’ll have to cross the city moving north. When you reach the marker on your map, descend to the street and look for a small white house (second screenshot).

Approach the front door of the white house and interact with it to see Spider-Man placing a statue depicting Flint Marko hugging Keemia. Watch the cutscene showing Keemia picking up the small figure, then return to the house to retrieve the last Marko’s Memory collectible. Now the Remember side mission is complete, and the Grains of Sand Silver PlayStation Trophy should pop.

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