Spider-Man 2 Chinatown Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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October 25, 2023

In the Chinatown District of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you must find three Spider-Bot collectibles if you wish to unlock the fast-travel option faster and get 100% completion at the end of the game. Assuming you already collected the Bots in the Financial District of the game, you should consider visiting Chinatown next.

Because they count as collectibles but don’t get marked on the map, in the following guide, I’ll tell you where to look for the three Chinatown Spider-Bots and, more importantly, how to get them because as you are about to see one of them can prove quite challenging. Remember, though, that it’s best to approach the little robots after you find the two Marko’s Memories, the Photo Ops, and after you finish the Chinatown EMF Experiment.

Where To Find the Three Chinatown Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

On the following map, you can see the locations of the three small robots hidden in Chinatown. When you get close to one of them, look for the glowing pink pulse, then try to find its source.

The complete map for all Spider-Man 2 Chinatown Spider-Bots locations

Now, here is where to find the spiderbots in the game and how to get close to their locations so you can pick them up. As usual, we will follow the same order as the one on the map.

Mister Negative Spider-Bot #1: Floating in the Air

The Mister Negative Spider-Bot is close to the bridge leading to the Williamsburg District, and it’s by far the hardest to reach because, as you can see in the following screenshot, it’s floating in the air. Your best chance to get close to it is by launching Spidey from the large building west of the collectible (also marked below)

The first Spider-Man 2 Chinatown Spider-Bot floats in the air.

Deploy your Web Wings, then fly as close as possible to the floating Spider-Bot, hitting Triangle when nearby. The Mister Negative Spider-Bot’s description reads: “Odd energy coming from this one – giving me some negative vibes.”

Spider-Woman Spider-Bot #2: In the Back Alley of a Chinese Store

For the second Chinatown Spiderbot, head to the district’s center at the location I have marked for you. Stay on the rooftops and look for a white Chinese store. The collectible is on the back wall, in an alley. Fly close to it, or climb the wall to get it and read the following description: “Love the look of this one. Wonder what MJ would think?”

The Spider-Woman Spider-Bot is in the back of a Chinese Store.

Spider-Armor MK II Spider-Bot #2: In the Back Alley of a Chinese Store

The Spider-Armor MK II Spider-Bot in Chinatown district is also fairly easy to get. First, swing towards the western side of the district at the location marked on my map. Remain on the roofs and look for a red building. On it, you should see a painting (graffiti) or mural depicting a woman in front of a DnD dice. The tiny spider patrols in the mural.

The description for this Spiderbot is: “Very light but strong, maybe even bulletproof. And magnetic webshooters, too? Gonna mark this one for more research.”

The last Spider-Bot in Chinatown patrols on a mural depicting a woman and a dice.
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