Spider-Man 2 Financial District Spider-Bot Locations Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
October 25, 2023

Despite its size, the Financial District in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features only two Spider-Bot collectibles you must find to reach 100% completion in this area, and I recommend going after them as soon as you find those in Greenwich and Hell’s Kitchen. As you probably know, these Spider-Man 2 collectibles aren’t marked on your map; thus, they can become problematic.

Available starting the 12th main mission, named Science Buddy, the Spider-Man 2 Financial District Spider-Bots reward you XP and Tech Parts. Since this district is large and features multiple side activities, you’ll want to unlock the fast-travel option as soon as possible. To do this, besides the Marko’s Memories collectibles, the Photo Ops, and the Flame Mission, you should also consider getting the two Spider-Bots.

Where To Find the Two Financial District Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

Like all other Spider-Man 2 collectibles guides, let’s start with a map showing the two Financial District Spider-Bot locations. One of them is in the center of the district, while the other is on the eastern side.

The map shows the locations of the two Spider-Man 2 Financial District Spider-Bots

Now, here is where to find them in the video game and, more importantly, how to get both Spider-Bots.

Classic Mysterio Spider-Bot #1: Floating in the Air

The Classic Mysterio Spider-Bot you’ll need to get in the center of the Financial District is floating in the air, and it can be a bit difficult to reach. To collect this one, you’ll have to fly close to it, so launch yourself from the skyscraper east of the collectible’s location. You can see both the Spider-Bot and the skyscraper in my screenshot. When you get close to it, press Triangle to collect the Classic Mysterio Spider-Bot. Its description reads: “Yet another mysterious Spider-Bot. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me.”

To get the Spider-Bot floating in the air in Financial District, launch yourself from the eastern skyscraper.

Spider-Ham Spider-Bot #2: Behind the Damage Control Building

The second Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Financial District Spider-Bot is easier to get. First, head to the location I marked above and look for another skyscraper. On it, you should read Damage Control. The little bot is on the wall of a smaller building north of the Damage Control skyscraper. Simply get close to it and collect the little bot. You’ll see the following description in your collection menu: “This can’t be real. I…kinda love it?”

The second Spider-Bot is on the building behind the Damage Control skyscraper.
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