Spider-Man 2 Little Odessa Photo Op Locations Guide

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October 20, 2023

After completing the One Thing At A Time main story mission in Spider-Man 2, you can participate in small and fun activities called Photo Ops. These events require you to go to a specific location and take a picture of the area from the right angle.

If you want to achieve a 100% District completion as well as the New York, New York Trophy, these collectibles are mandatory.

Where To Find the Three Little Odessa Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2

In the Little Odessa district of SpiderMan 2, there are actually three awesome Photo Ops waiting to be snapped up! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these. They’re like little treasures just waiting to be discovered. Check the map below for the exact location of each Photo Op.

In the Little Odessa district, you can find three Photo Ops.

So grab your camera and get ready to capture some epic shots in this district, following the same order as on the map above.

Photo Op #1 (High-Stakes): During ‘Show Me New York’ Main Quest

The first Photo Op in Spider-Man 2 is unlocked early in the Show Me New York main quest. Once you reach the marked location, Peter will be positioned with the camera aimed at the subject – two men playing frisbee across two rooftops. To take the photo, hold down (L2) to aim the camera and press (R1).

Take a picture of the two men playing frisbee across two roofs.

Photo Op #2 (We’re Here Every Week): On A Street Market

Not too far from the previous Photo Op location, you can find crowded street markets between the buildings. You can easily identify the place by the large banner featuring vegetables and the flags of Ukraine. Get on the ground and take out your camera to capture the scene and complete the activity.

Take a picture of the crowded street market.

Photo Op #3 (The Bodega Beef): Two Spider-Cat Mascots

For the final Photo Op in Little Odessa, go to the region’s northern edge and look for two individuals dressed as spider-cat mascots. Include both of them in the photo to finish this activity.

The design of these mascots is totally inspired by the Spider-Cat chilling in Miles Morales’ backpack in the previous Spider-Man title. And guess what? You can actually unlock that awesome Bodega Cat Suit in this game, too! How cool is that?

Snap a pic of the two dudes in spider-cat getup.
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