Spider-Man 2 Senior Prank Walkthrough: How To Solve the Mirror Puzzles

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October 23, 2023

Spider-Man 2 Senior Prank is a Brooklyn Vision side-story you can unlock by completing the BV Club Fair mission, and it revolves around three mirror puzzles Miles Morales must solve to find Lance, the mascot of the Brooklyn Visions Academy basketball team. The Senior Prank mirror puzzles can be problematic, mainly because they increase in difficulty, with the last one featuring a lot of mirrors.

Since the Senior Prank Brooklyn Vision mission is mandatory for obtaining 100% completion in Williamsburg, it goes without saying that you must solve all three puzzles, which will eventually lead Miles to Lance, the cute lion mascot that was stolen. As such, in the following Senior Prank mission walkthrough, I’ll tell you how to solve the three puzzles involving mirrors and where to find Lance.

How To Start the Williamsburg Senior Prank Brooklyn Vision Side Story in Spider-Man 2

To unlock the side-story named Senior Prank in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, first, you must complete the BV Club Fair and save Ms. Ferguson. The BV Club Fair side story becomes available after Miles reunites with his uncle in the Amends main mission. After finishing the BV Club Fair, you’ll unlock three new Brooklyn Visions, including Senior Prank; however, before playing it, I recommend finishing the Homecoming side mission.

As you can see on the following map, Senior Prank starts near the Brooklyn Visions Academy in Williamsburg. At the location on my map below, you’ll find a basketball court where Miles gets to meet Travis Trujillo (second screenshot).

When talking to Travis, he’ll tell you that the Midtown basketball team kidnapped Lance ahead of the game. Luckily, they left a note you should read. Interact with the note near the lion’s statue where you found Travis. The message contains the first clue, and while it may not make much sense to you, Travis knows it points to the Stuart building nearby.

How To Solve the Stuart Building Mirrors Puzzle

After reading the note, Travis sends you to the Sturart building roughly 400 meters northeast of your current location. Follow the objective marker on your screen, and head to the roof when you get close to the large building. Here, you’ll find the second clue or note on a table. When you pick it up, you’ll read: The light reveals the truth.

To solve the first puzzle in Senior Prank read the note by the table.

The idea behind the first Senior Prank puzzle is to yank the mirrors on the roof by pressing L1+R1 and guide the light beam to a wall where you’ll find the second clue. The first puzzle is relatively easy to complete if you follow these steps:

  • Following the light beam, pull the first mirror towards the ventilation boxes.
  • Keep following the beam and turn around the second mirror.
  • Break the wooden box to clear the path for the beam.
  • Finally, pull the third mirror towards the edge of the roof.

After moving the third mirror, you’ll see a message on the nearby wall. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it because Hailey will decipher it. According to Miles’ friend, the next puzzle is found around 425 meters northwest of your current location. Open your map, and you should see the objective marker close to the border between Williamsburg and Little Odessa.

Senior Prank Second Mirrors Puzzle Solution

Upon reaching the location on your map, look around to spot a small enclosure with multiple murals (paintings on the walls). To solve the second Senior Prank puzzle, approach the beam of light marked in my screenshot below.

Start the second Senior Prank Mirrors Puzzle by turning around the beam of light.

Now, follow the steps below to get to the second clue:

  • Turn around the beam of light by yanking the projector once.
  • Pull away the third mirror (on the green table) by yanking it once.
  • Turn around the sixth mirror (purple) by yanking it once. You should see it by the wall with the Egyptian graffiti.
  • In the second small enclosure, pull the mirror on the green table towards the wall.
  • Follow the light beam and turn around the second purple mirror (also in the second area).
  • Pull the green table by the stone bench towards the painted wall by yanking it once.
  • In the third area, yank the purple mirror twice.
  • Pull the green mirror on the table towards the building’s wall.

If by any chance you encounter difficulties solving the second mirrors puzzle in Spider-Man 2 Senior Prank, the following screenshots show the solution.

After solving this riddle, you’ll receive another phone call from Hailey, who will send you to North Williamsburg. Open your map, and you’ll see the next objective marker 280 meters northwest of your current location in Little Odessa.

How To Complete the Third Mirrors Puzzle in Senior Prank

The location of the third and final puzzle in Senior Prank is the top of a building, but when you get close, you’ll see a single projector and two types of mirrors: red and blue. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to understand how it works.

Complete both Light Beam Paths to solve the puzzle.

Basically, to finish the riddle, you’ll need to complete both paths by turning around the mirrors of the same color. So, for example, to complete the Blue Light Beam Path, you need to use only blue mirrors and guide the beam of light to the clue. Then, do the same with the red mirrors.

Blue Path Light Beam Solution

Let’s start with the Blue Path puzzle, and as above, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  • Turn the projector once towards the blue mirror inside the iron enclosure (also visible in the screenshot above, on the right side).
  • Follow the light beam to the lower roof and turn the blue mirror by the water tower around by yanking it three times.
  • Now, turn the purple mirror by the ventilation system once, and the light beam will move to the next building.
  • Now, swing to the next building and yank the purple mirror once to guide the beam toward the blue mirror.
  • Go around the corner and destroy the wooden crate by hitting it. Now, the beam of light should move to the first building.
  • Return to the projector and yank the blue mirror next to it. The light beam should hit the wall on the other side of the roof, revealing the word Main.

Red Path Light Beam Solution

After finishing the first part of the Senior Prank Light Beam puzzle in Spider-Man 2, it’s time to focus on the second part, which works pretty much the same, but you’ll use only red and purple mirrors this time.

  • Turn the projector around so the light beam hits the red mirror suspended on the wall.
  • Follow the beam of light and yank the purple mirror by the ventilation system so that the light hits the red mirror between the windows nearby.
  • Head to the next building and yank the purple mirror twice to guide the beam to the red mirror.
  • Return to the first building and turn around the red mirror at the bottom of the water tower. Now, the beam of light should reveal the next clue: 1121

By completing both Light Paths, Miles can determine where Lance is being held captive: 1121 Main Street.

Where To Find Lance

Open your map again, and you’ll notice that the next objective marker is 300 meters southwest of your location. Swing to the building marked on your map, and you’ll find a metal door on the roof. To open it, yank the metal cog on the right side.

Lance is found inside a deposit on the roof.

Inside the deposit, you’ll find Lance the Lion and his kidnappers. Approach the mascot and pick it up, then head back to the basketball field 600 meters southeast of your current location. Finally, place Lance on the throne near Travis to trigger a cutscene and complete the Senior Prank side-mission. Now, I suggest focusing on Lights, Camera, Action if you wish to unlock the Boricua Suit for Miles Morales.

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