Spider-Man 2 Homecoming Walkthrough: How to Reroute Power to Vijay’s Setup

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October 22, 2023

Spider-Man 2 Homecoming is one of the three Brooklyn Vision side stories you’ll unlock after completing the BV Club Fair mission, and it requires Miles Morales to help Vijay surprise Lucas with an invitation to homecoming. The Homecoming Brooklyn Vision mission features multiple objectives and puzzles you must complete.

As a reward for helping Vijay, you’ll receive 1000 XP, 80 Tech Parts, and 8 City Tokens. Additionally, you’ll get one step closer to reaching 100% completion in Williamsburg, and if you manage to finish all other Brooklyn Visions listed in our Spider-Man 2 Strategy Guide, you’ll be able to unlock the Boricua Suit for Miles Morales.

So, as you can see, multiple rewards are waiting for you at the end of the Brooklyn Visions quest line; therefore, throughout the following Homecoming walkthrough, I’ll tell you how to help Vijay invite his partner to the homecoming.

How To Start the Williamsburg Homecoming Brooklyn Vision Side Story in Spider-Man 2

Alongside Senior Prank and Lights, Camera, Action side stories, Homecoming starts near the Williamsburg campus; you’ll get to visit quite often. You’ll see three icons on your map once you complete the BV Club Fair mission. For the Homecoming side story, check the northern one marked on the map below. To start the mission, look for Vijay waiting for you on a balcony.

When talking to Vijay, he will quickly describe his problem. Vijay wanted to invite a very special person to the homecoming and had everything planned. His idea was to ask Lucas by displaying his message on some screens, but the generator powering the screens is busted. The person who loaned him the generator doesn’t answer his calls, so he wants you to investigate.

Where To Find The Generator Vendor

The generator vendor in Spider-Man 2 Homecoming mission is found around 380 meters southwest of your current location near Vijay. Open your map, and you should see his location marked in Williamsburg. Swing to the marker on your screen and look for a small courtyard in a back alley.

When you get close, you’ll trigger a cutscene showing the generator vendor being robbed by four thugs. Obviously, you’ll need to take them out before being able to talk to the vendor. How you do this depends on how you like playing the game. You can use your abilities and gadgets or take them out silently using takedowns. For the latter option, scan the area by pressing R3 and ensure your targets are marked as safe. If you need help, respect the order in the following screenshot.

Kill the criminals to be able to talk to the generator vendor.

Once you clear the backyard, talk to the generator vendor by the black van, and he’ll tell you that the generator can’t be fixed. Fortunately, Vijay has a Plan B, but he wants to present it in person, so head back to the campus but be advised that Vijay relocated to the western side. You’ll find him in an enclosure waiting for you.

Find Vijay in the campus.

After talking to Vijay, he’ll tell you he can use the generator on the campus roof, but it needs some tweaking. Specifically, you’ll need to divert some of its power, which requires solving a small puzzle.

How to Reroute Power to Vijay’s Setup in Spider-Man 2

To reroute power to Vijay’s setup, first, you’ll need to find the power source on the roof. After you finish talking to Vijay, just turn around and look up to spot the objective marker on top of the building nearby. It is 40 meters away from your current location. Climb the roof, and you’ll see the generator, which must be powered up by pressing - GameClubz+- GameClubz; however, first, you’ll want to scan it by pressing - GameClubz.

Connect the power nodes to reroute the generator power.

After you power up the generator, you must use your spiderweb to reroute the power. As such, press - GameClubz to aim and - GameClubz to shoot Miles Morales’ web to the following power nodes:

  • Aim for the power node on top of the generator (1), then to the power node on the wall (2)
  • Connect the second power node to the one at the edge of the roof (3)

Great job, but you are not done yet because you must connect four additional nodes. These are above Vijay’s setup, so remain on the roof where you found the generator and look down towards the area where Vijay is waiting. Swing to the electricity post in the distance, and you’ll see the following power nodes:

  • Connect the power node near the posters (4) to the one on the right (5)
  • Turn right and look down to spot the sixth tether node on a wall and connect it to the power node above Vijay’s setup (7)

Now that you have connected all tether nodes in Spider-Man 2 Homecoming, head back to the ground, speak to Vijay, and he’ll tell you that Lucas is on his way. Your next objective is to hide, so launch yourself to the top of the lightpost above Vijay. It should be marked on your HUD.

While standing on top of the post, wait for Lucas to appear on the balcony below. Now, you have to be patient and follow Lucas as he discovers the clues left by Vijay. Eventually, these clues will need some help to work, so pay attention as Vijay tells you what to do.

  • When Lucas gets to the whiteboard, press and hold - GameClubz+- GameClubz to flip it
  • Now, jump to the next light post, and when Lucas gets next to the white poster, press and hold - GameClubz+- GameClubz to give it a tug

Now, watch the cutscene that starts and see how Vijay is doing. Eventually, you’ll notice that Vijay’s plan still has one little problem, which causes the second screen to freeze. So press - GameClubz+- GameClubz to use the Chain Lightning ability and jumpstart it. Make sure Spider-Man faces the black faulty screen behind Vijay. Now, thanks to Miles Morales, Vijay can finally ask Lucas as he planned from the start.

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