Spider-Man 2 I Knew You Had It in You Walkthrough: How to Stop Yuri

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November 16, 2023

I Knew You Had It in You is the third mission as part of The Flame side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In this mission, Peter teams up with Yuri, also known as Wraith, to explore an abandoned hospital. It is believed that the leader of The Flame cult can be found there. Let’s see what kind of trouble they get into this time!

How To Start the Astoria I Knew You Had It In You Flame Mission in Spider-Man 2

After finishing the Everything Burns Flame mission and The Flames Have Been Lit main story mission, Wraith will call you while you’re roaming the open world as Peter. She’ll invite you to join her in confronting The Flame leader at the old hospital.

Just head towards the objective marker in the Astoria district and interact with the “Hurry Up” engraved message on the rooftop wall to start the I Knew You Had It in You mission in Spider Man 2.

Astoria I Knew You Had It In You Flame Mission Map Location
I Knew You Had It In You Mission Starting Location

How To Find a Way Inside

When you arrive at the abandoned hospital later in the evening, you’ll notice that there are already some unconscious cultists around left by Yuri. To find a way inside the building, Web Zip up to the rooftop.

Once up there, head to the back right corner (northeast), where you’ll find a few more cultists. After you deal with them, drop down from the side of the building onto the lower section and go through the large hole in the wall.

Go through the big hole in the lower section in the northeast corner of the hospital.

How To Follow Yuri’s Trail

Go down the first set of stairs and go through another big hole in the wall. Halfway down this corridor, look up and Web Zip on the ceiling with - GameClubz+ - GameClubz. Crawl through the hole in the wall to the right and drop down.

Web Zip on the ceiling and go through the opening in the wall on the right side.

Get close to the hole on the left wall near the rats, and you’ll automatically start crawling through. You’ll then enter a room with a single cultist, where you can perform a Web-strike Takedown on him by pressing - GameClubz.

How To Find an Alternate Route

Once you’ve defeated the cultist, look up in the left corner of the room and hold down - GameClubz+ - GameClubzto perform a Web Zip through the opening in the wall above the Oscorp blueprint.

In the corner of the room, you'll find an opening in the wall that you can go through.

From there, crawl your way up through the tunnel until you reach a big room filled with cultists. Use your Web Lines to position yourself above enemies and perform Perch Takedowns and Double Takedowns. Not into sneaking around? No worries! Just go ahead and jump into the action to progress the I Knew You Had It in You mission.

How to Head Into the Sanctum

Once you’ve taken care of all the enemies, make your way over to the big chunk of debris that’s wedged into the wall at the far end of the room. To start pulling it out, hold down - GameClubz+ - GameClubz, then press - GameClubz repeatedly to get it free.

Pull the big chuck of debris to clear the way and progress the I Knew You Had It in You mission.

After that, you must Web Zip down twice through the newly opened passageway. When you get there, you’ll find Wraith battling with the cult leader, The Flame. After Peter steps in and rescues The Flame, get ready to take on the Wraith.

How to Stop Yuri

Use all your abilities, gadgets, and move combos to chip away her health effectively. After you fully deplete Wraith’s health bar, Peter will pick up The Flame to hand him over to the authorities. However, The Flame suddenly pulls out a detonator and sets off an explosion, causing the building to collapse and sending both of them flying.

The Flame detonating the hospital building.

Wraith comes out of the flames and starts the second phase of the fight. To ensure The Flame’s safety, Peter webs him up and throws him outside the building. In this phase, Wraith is even more aggressive with different abilities.

When her health reaches below 75%, Wraith will whip her chain on the floor, creating sparks that will disorient you and make it hard to see. You can rely on your spidey-sense indicator to warn you about any incoming attacks and avoid them with parry or dodge.

Dodge or Parry incoming attacks from Wraith.

When her health is low, the sparks and blinding event happens again. Just like before, you’ll want to trust your spidey sense, dodge or parry when needed, and wait until the fog clears before attacking again. After defeating Wraith, the ceiling collapses. Peter jumps out the window with Wraith to save her.

Outside, they look at the burning building and notice that The Flame is gone. Wraith scolds Spider-Man, reminding him to figure out his priorities. She shares that she would rather lose sleep over the one person she killed than all the people she didn’t save. Then, she leaves.

Wraith would rather lose sleep over the one person she killed than all of the ones she didn't save.

After successfully finishing the Spider-Man 2 I Knew You Had It in You mission, you will be rewarded with 6 Hero Tokens, 300 Tech Parts, and 2000 XP. The last mission in the series of The Flame side story is called It Was Meant For Me. If you need any help, feel free to check our in-depth guide.

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