Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Location Guide: How To Complete

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March 10, 2022

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave is a minor Caelid dungeon; that you should try to complete as soon as you can, even though it’s a bit hard to find and also a bit dangerous.

The Abandoned Cave holds an essential item or, simply put, is the location where you’ll find the Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman, which allows you to collect more runes from the enemies you defeat.

The bad news is that you have to defeat the Cave’s Bosses to get the Gold Scarab Elden Ring Talisman.

Furthermore, you also need to know where to find the Abandoned Cave, how to access it, and how to survive the Scarlet Rot that can kill your Tarnished in seconds.

All these will be covered throughout the guide below, along with the path you have to follow to reach the Gold Scarab, all the important items you have to collect from this dungeon, and much more.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Location – Where To Find

In FromSoftware’s latest game, the Abandoned Cave is found in the central area of Caelid. As you can see, it is east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Location Guide

However, it is essential to know that the Abandoned Cave Entrance is tricky to see since it’s in the mountain’s upper wall.

So you won’t be able to spot it quickly since it’s above the ground. Let’s see how to get inside.

How To Get Inside Abandoned Cave

The fastest way to approach this Cave is by traveling east from the Smoldering Wall Site Of Grace.

Eventually, you’ll reach a ravine. Here you’ll encounter a strange enemy wielding two large chained weapons.

The location you have to reach can be observed below.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Guide

When you get close to the spot on my map, you’ll see this unique opponent, but keep in mind that you don’t have to defeat him, especially if you are here only for the Golden Scarab.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Entrance

While the enemy above is not mandatory for this dungeon, getting on the branch behind him is because this branch acts as a bridge over the ravine below.

So your goal is to get on the large tree branch behind the strange mob and walk on it to get to the Abandoned Cave.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave LWhere To Find

The moment you reach the other side, get in the Cave and activate the Abandoned Cave Site Of Grace.

Abandoned Cave Guide – How To Navigate

As said above, the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring is a rotten place, and you’ll constantly take Rot damage. Because of this, it is essential to know where to find all items, so you can quickly get them.

Basically, the faster you move, the better.

There are also a lot of enemies here, but most of them are very slow. Scarlet Rot, on the other hand, can kill you pretty fast.

Therefore it’s better to start navigating the Abandoned Cave only when you have the recommended items that allow you to slow the Scarlet Rot damage.

Abandoned Cave Scarlet Rot – How To Avoid Being Killed

These items are known as Preserving Boluses, and there are several ways to get them. So, the tiny pink “bath bombs” will keep you alive and alleviate scarlet rot buildup, and cure rot ailment.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Scarlet Rot Survive

Now, if you want to get some fast, here are several locations:

As you can guess, you can also craft Preserving Boluses, but you need Armorer’s Cookbook [6], found on a corpse in the Siofra River.

So the Elden Ring Preserving Boluses are mandatory inside this Cave, and those from the Shack of the Rotting should be enough.

Once you get them, make sure you add them to your quick-access menu, and let’s start inspecting this dungeon.

Abandoned Cave Items Locations – Where To Find

From the Abandoned Cave Site of Grace, follow the tunnel, jump into the Rot river below, and turn left.

Stop by the statue and collect 2 Aeonian Butterflies. Now turn right to see the corpse in my screenshot.

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Walkthrough

Hug the right wall, stay on the ground as much as possible, and then loot the Dragonwound Grease.

Remember to use the Preserving Boluses whenever your Scarlet Rot bar is almost full, then head back to the previous statue and follow the tunnel on the other side.

In the next Cave, jump towards the statue in the distance and quickly grab the Serpent Bow (pictured below).

Elden Ring Serpent Bow Location

Now, turn right and deal with the enemy near the tunnel before he casts his poison spell. Now the path ahead is straightforward, meaning that you can’t get lost.

Deal with the rats and get the Fire Grease before turning right and reaching a very large cave. Here you’ll have to defeat a Giant Miranda.

Make sure you don’t get too close, though, because there are also two enemies that can poison you. They cast their spells from the top of the upper section to the east. First, deal with the Giant Miranda, then kill the spellcasters.

Upon dealing with all enemies inside the Cave, head west, and near the wall, you’ll see a pile of metal scrap (pictured below).

Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman Location

Jump on the debris then you’ll find a glowing corpse.

Loot it to get the Venomous Fang, then cross the Cave to the other side, where the two spellcasters were defeated.

From here, you’ll need to jump on several scraps and keep pushing through the next tunnel to reach the fog gate that takes you to the boss area.

Gold Scarab Talisman Location – Where To Find

The Gold Scarab Talisman is dropped by one of the two Cleanrot Knight Bosses in Abandoned Cave. One of them is wielding a Spear, and the other one a Sickle.

To get the Gold Scarab Talisman, you have to deal with both of them, and they are pretty fast, so your skills will be tested.

Elden Ring Gold Scarab Location

As an Astrologer, you’ll have a slight advantage since they are quite weak to spells, but you’ll need to stay mobile and dodge the discs they throw.

It is also essential to focus on one enemy at a time and keep them busy by summoning your most powerful ashes.

After you kill the Cleanrot Knight Bosses, the Elden Ring Gold Scarab is yours, and the Abandoned Cave is complete.

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