Elden Ring The Great Jar Quest: How To Complete

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March 18, 2022

Elden Ring Great Jar or Giant King Jar is a silent NPC you can meet in the northwestern Caelid region upon exiting the Siofra River underground area.

Although silent, the Elden Ring Great Jar has a quest for you, and if you manage to complete it, you’ll receive a new talisman.

To get the Elden Ring Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman, you have to enter a small competition that can prove challenging.

However, there are several tricks and tips we’ll share with you if you want to beat the three Knights of the Great Jar in the video game developed by FromSoftware.

Elden Ring Great Jar Location – Where To Find

To be able to start the Great Jar quest, first, you’ll have to reach the fort marked on my map below.

Elden Ring Great Jar Location

This specific fort can’t be accessed from Caelid because of the ravine leading to it.

Therefore, you’ll have to go through the Siofra River underground area. If you need help navigating the Siofra River, grab the map fragment we covered here.

So basically, you’ll have to enter the Siofra Well via the elevator northeast of Mistwood Ruins (Limgrave area), cross the Siofra River area moving north, and use the elevator next to the Below the Well Site of Grace to reach the Deep Siofra Well in Caelid.

Upon activating the Site of Grace nearby, you’ll have to travel northwest through the canyon guarded by two Golem archers. Eventually, you’ll get to the location marked on my map below.

At the location I have marked on the map, you’ll find the Great Jar NPC, which, judging by its size, is Alexander Iron Fist’s king.

Elden Ring Great Jar Quest Guide

Now, approach the Great Jar and try talking to him to notice that he’s silent, but after interacting with the pot, you’ll get the following message: “You can now see the Knight of the Great Jar’s red summon sign.”

Knights Of The Great Jar – How To Beat

After you see the message above, the quest starts, and if you turn around, you’ll spot the summoning signs of the three Knights Of The Great Jar on the ground.

Elden Ring Knights Of The Great Jar

To complete the Great Jar’s quest, you’ll have to defeat all three Knights; however, you’ll have to do it in one run.

So this means that you’ll start summoning them one at a time. Each time you interact with a summoning sign, you’ll begin an invasion, and you’ll have to complete all three of them without dying.

If you die, all knights you have previously defeated will return, and you’ll be able to see their summoning signs.

So there is a requirement for the Great Jar’s trial, which means that you’ll want to save as many flasks as you can to be able to defeat all three knights.

With this in mind, if you die, you may want to avoid fighting the two Golems in the canyon when returning to the Giant King Jar, especially if you are an Astrologer.

Obviously, you can beat all three Knights of Great Jar in fair combat, but if you encounter difficulties, consider switching to offline mode because if you are online, you’ll deal with real players and their builds.

If you go offline, you’ll fight generic enemies, and usually, they have weak sets and weapons. One of them wields a dagger, one a shortsword and a staff, while the other one a shield and a hammer.

Now, assuming you still have difficulties defeating the three knights, you can use an easy trick and stay on the cliff’s edge waiting for them to attack. When they do, roll away, and they’ll fall off the cliff.

Last but not least, you can try jumping on the branch on the left side of the road while facing the canyon.

Elden Ring Great Jar Knights Cheese

While on this branch, use ranged weapons and spells to deal with the knights.

Since they prefer using melee attacks, they’ll try reaching you, thus jumping off the cliff.

You can see one of them in the screenshot below.

Elden Ring Knights Of The Great Jar Cheese

Great Jar Talisman – How To Get

Once you deal with all three knights, you’ll need to approach the Great Jar one more time.

He won’t say anything, but he’ll hand over the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Taliman since you won his trial.

Elden Ring Great Jar Talisman

Now that the Elden Ring Great Jar Talisman is yours, the quest is complete, so feel free to continue your journey.

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