Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Guide: How To Complete

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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April 6, 2022

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway is an optional dungeon found on the eastern edge of the Caelid.

To continue Sellen’s Questline, you will need to find Lusat in Sellia Hideaway, hidden at the bottom of the dungeon behind a sealed door. Remove the seal with the Sellian Sealbreaker Key and talk with Master Lusat to obtain Stars of Ruin.

In the Sellia Hideaway, you will have to defeat the three Putrid Crystalians who inflict Scarlet Rot on hit to complete the dungeon in the video game developed by FromSoftware.

In this Elden Ring guide, we will explain where you can find the Sellia Hideaway dungeon, loot all the items inside, meet with Master Lusat, and reach the boss room.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location – Where To Find

The Sellia Hideaway can be found on the eastern edge of the Caelid Region, north of the Church of Plague.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Map

To reach the entrance, head north up the hill from the Church of the Plague Site of Grace and go straight beneath the wooden arch.

Look to the northeast for a graveyard occupied by a single sorcerer enemy carrying a staff and a club.

There’s a secret entrance along the cliffside behind the largest tombstone that you can reveal by rolling or hitting the illusory rock wall.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Entrance Illusory Wall

Make sure to equip a torch to light up the darker areas inside and be able to spot your enemies from afar.

Sellia Hideaway Location – How To Navigate

Once inside the Sellia Hideaway, interact with the Site of Grace and proceed until you reach a crossroad with two pathways, one to the left and one to the right.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Dead-End Golden Rune 3

The left path is a dead-end with two Sorcerer Miners that you can kill and loot.

Head back to the crossroad, loot the corpse to receive a Golden Rune [3], and hit the wall behind it to reveal the pathway further.

Behind this illusory wall, there is a Sorcerer Miner and another illusory wall by the end of the tunnel.

You will reach a big cave with massive purple crystals past these illusory walls.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Golden Rune

Follow the path to the right to find another Sorcerer Miner, then cross the crystals and go to the left to reach the next miner near the corpse holding a Golden Rune [5].

Go back from where we started by jumping above the crystals to the southeast, cross the large crystal again and head right this time.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Sorcerer Miner

You will encounter a more annoying Sorcerer Miner that you need to kill quickly.

After defeating him, don’t jump over the gap where the Crystal Snails are; instead, follow the path east.

Drop down onto the shorter crystal, then jump onto a longer one and drop into the pit.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Pit

Once in the pit, look to the north, and the magical barrier part of Sellen’s Quest should be visible to you.

If you have the Sellian Sealbreaker Key, remove the seal and talk to Lusat, who will give you Stars of Ruin Sorcery.

Turn around and step over the southwest crystal to face a Royal Revenant.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Royal Revenent

After defeating him, loot the corpses around to receive Stimulating Boluses, a Golden Rune [5], and Lost Ashes of War.

Turn around and head back towards the Silver Fireflies; a Somber Smithing Stone [4] can be found on the corpse at the top of the tunnel.

When you drop down to the end of the crystal, there will be three Crystal Snails waiting for you.

After defeating them, follow the path to the left, hugging the wall, and you will encounter two more Sorcerer Miners sitting by the fire.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Glowstone

Once you have cleared the area, loot the corpse to receive 4x Glowstone.

Jump across the other side, then head into the northwest tunnel, passing the Stake of Marika.

Once you reach the large crystal cave, climb up and over the boulders and rubble, hugging the right wall.

You will pass two large crystal shards rising from the floor on your left, with the third at an angle good enough to climb upon it (keep in mind this crystal because we will come back on it after collecting some loot).

After you pass these three large crystals, go down the slope, and head right until you reach a corpse holding 3x Preserving Boluses.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Illusory Wall

Behind this corpse, there is an illusory wall leading to a chest containing the Crystal Spear.

Head back to the crystal we talked about earlier and climb it up.

Drop down on the crystal beneath the one you are standing on, and then drop down on the crystal leading to the secret room.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Secret Room

Make your way down into the pit to reach a room occupied by three Glintstone Sorcerers.

Defeat the Glintstone Sorcerers and open the chest containing Crystalian Ashes.

There is only one way out, head through the tunnel, kill the Sorcerer Miner, and drop down.

From here, heading northeast will take you back into the room you did the crystal shard climbing.

What’s left here is a corpse holding 10x Crystal Dart and a couple of Crystal Snails to kill.

Heading southwest leads you to the boss room with many Crystal Snails on the way, some of them trying to ambush you from the roof.

Behind the mist wall, you will face the bosses of the Sellia Hideaway, three Putrid Crystalians who inflict Scarlet Rot on hit.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location Putrid Crystalians

It is suggested that you use Summoning Ashes during this fight so that at least one of the three bosses does not target you.

After defeating all three of them, you will be rewarded with 7100 Runes and the Crystal Torrent Sorcery.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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