Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tears Locations: Where To Find

While Limgrave, the starting zone in Elden Ring provided four Sacred Tears for you to collect, Liurnia of the Lakes is slightly less generous, with only three Liurnia Sacred Tears to obtain.

On the other hand, obtaining Sacred Tears is a must for high-HP builds and spellcasters because it increases the replenishment of the Crimson and Cerulean Flasks.

Therefore, I will show you where you can discover all Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tears to upgrade your Sacred Flask even more.

Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tear First Location – Church of Irith

The first Sacred Tear you will find it immediately after defeating Godrick the Grafted.

Following the main route near the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, head west to the Church of Irith.

While here don’t forget to check the Church of Irith guide here to get the most out of this location.

Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tear First Location Church of Irith

Inside, you will find a Sacred Tear at the statue’s base and an NPC named Thops, who will sell low-level Sorcery Spells after you donate 10 Runes.

Complete Sorcerer Thops Quest to get his Bell Bearing, an Academy Glintstone Staff, and the Thops’ Barrier Sorcery.

Elden Ring Second Liurnia Sacred Tear Location – Bellum Church

The second Sacred Tear can be found inside the Bellum Church, a landmark located alongside the Bellum Highway, on the northern side of Liurnia of the Lakes.

This part is located in a woodland area northeast of the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tear Second Location - Bellum Church

To get to this location, you must first locate the Academy Glintstone Key to access Raya Lucaria’s Portal to the East Gate, which will transport you directly to Bellum Highway.

Follow this Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Academy Gate guide to learn where you can find the Academy Glinstone Key.

While visiting Bellum Church you’ll also find Hyetta asking for a Fingerprint Grape, if you followed her questline.

Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tear Third Location – Church of Inhibition

The next Sacred Tear is placed in the Church of Inhibition, located atop the mountain east of the Bellum Highway, directly east of the Sacred Tear found in Bellum Church.

Elden Ring Liurnia Sacred Tear Third Location Church of Inhibition

To reach the church, we recommend starting from the east at the Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts Site of Grace.

Once you get to the Church of Inhibition, you will be invaded by Festering Bloody Finger Vyke, who can inflict Madness with his weapons and spells.

After you defeat Festering Bloody Finger Vyke, you can collect the last Sacred Tear in Liurnia of the Lakes located at the statue’s base.

That’s how you collect all the Liurnia Sacred Tears in the most anticipated game developed by FromSoftware.

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