Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Quest Locations: How To Complete

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March 8, 2022

Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist is an NPC, quite similar to Boc The Demi-Human, except that he is a talking teapot you’ll encounter while exploring Limgrave.

The Elden Ring talking teapot named Alexander Iron Fist spawns in several fixed locations we’ll cover below, and most of the time, he’ll need your help and ask you to complete short tasks.

Furthermore, in the video game developed by FromSoftware, the Alexander Iron Fist questline is pretty long, and it requires you to progress through the game.

If you get lost, make sure you follow the locations guide below, as we’ll outline all of Alexander Iron Fist’s locations in Elden Ring and explain what you have to do when you find him.

Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Limgrave Location – How To Free The Talking Teapot

The first location to find Alexander Iron Fist or the large Elden Ring teapot is Limgrave, just south of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace.

You’ll find him up on a cliff at the location marked on my map below.

Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Quest Talking Teapot

Approach the talking teapot, and he’ll introduce himself, asking for your help.

Since Alexander Iron Fist is stuck in the mud, your objective at this location is to set him free. Obviously, you can refuse if you want; however, let’s set him free for the sake of this guide.

To free the stuck pot, you have to hit it from behind, but you’ll have to use heavy attacks.

So, go around him and start mashing the heavy attack button to set him free.

Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Quest Location Guide

As you can see in the image above, you’ll automatically unlock the Triumphant Delight gesture after you free Iron Fist Alexander. Now, you’ll also want to talk to him again to get some Exalted Flesh and learn about him.

After listening to what he has to say, feel free to leave the area, and he’ll relocate to a new spot.

Alexander The Teapot Caelid Locations – Where To Find

Alexander’s 2nd location is east of where you found him the first time. Specifically, he’ll wait for you inside Gael Tunnel near the Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance Site of Grace.

Be advised that this landmark is in the Caelid region, so make sure you are well-equipped.

If you are not ready to clear the Gael Tunnel minor dungeon (check the complete guide here), you can reach Alexander faster using the Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance.

The location is marked on my map below, and it’s on a cliff.

Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Questline

Head inside the tunnel, and behind the Site of Grace, you’ll find Alexander.

You can also reach him while working on navigating the Gael Tunnel Dungeon.

Elden Ring Alexander Questline

When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that the door nearby is locked and he’s on his way to the festival of combat.

The said festival takes place in Redmane Castle, in the southeastern corner of Caelid. That’s the next location where you’ll find the NPC, standing in the Redmane Castle Plaza, if you follow Ranni’s questline.

Remember that it will appear in the said plaza only if you follow Ranni’s The Witch questline covered here. If you explore the castle before that, he won’t spawn.

Elden Ring Alexander Redmane Castle Plaza

After dealing with Starscourge Radahn, Alexander relocates to the next location, in Liurnia of the Lakes, but first, talk to him on top of the hill where Radahn spawns.

Alexander Questline – How To Free The Warrior Jar In Liurnia

As you progress through Liurnia, moving north, you’ll come across Alexander south of Carian Study Hall.

He’ll be in a clearing, once more asking for your help. You can see Alexander’s spawning location on the following map.

Elden Ring Alexander Warrior Jar Location

When talking to him, he’ll ask you to smack him from behind with something nice and big. Since this is quite vague, you’ll notice that if you attack him, nothing happens.

To free Alexander The Warrior Jar this time, you’ll want to first put some oil on him. Therefore open your inventory and equip an Oil Pot.

If you don’t have one, you’ll need to craft it using a Melted Mushroom and a Cracked Pot. It is also worth outlining that to be able to craft the Oil Pot, you’ll have to buy the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] from the Merchant in Siofra River.

Upon crafting an Oil Pot, equip it, then throw it at Alexander.

Now that the Jar is oiled, hit him several times from behind to free him.

Elden Ring Alexander Liurnia How To Free

Obviously, you’ll have to talk to Alexander once more, and he’ll give you 3 Exalted Flesh. He’ll also tell you that he’s moving north, so next time you’ll see him west of Volcano Manor in a lava lake on Mt. Gelmir.

Alexander Warrior Mt. Gelmir Location – Where To Find

Alexander Iron Fist has now traveled to Mt. Gelmir in order to “strengthen himself”.

He is located southwest of the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace and straight south of Fort Laiedd.

elden ring alexander iron fist quest mt gelmir location 1 - GameClubz

Following the canyon from the Seethewater River Site of Grace in the western Altus Plateau leads to this area. (It is inaccessible from Volcano Manor)

You’ll have to face a Magma Wyrm Boss (identical to the one you fought in Gael Tunnel) between the Seethewater Terminus and Alexander’s location.

When you get close to Alexander, you’ll hear him call out to you.

You can talk to him safely from the giant rock in the lava lake near his location.

elden ring alexander iron fist quest mt gelmir location lava - GameClubz

After exhausting all of his dialogue options, he will give you the Jar Helmet.

Alexander Iron Fist will remain in this place until after the Fire Giant boss fight, even if you have exhausted his dialogue.

Alexander Iron Fist Location – Fire Giant Boss Fight

Alexander will be available to summon again for the boss fight against the Fire Giant.

elden ring alexander iron fist quest fire giant boss fight - GameClubz

You do not need to summon him to advance his quest.

Also, this is the only place on the Mountaintops where you can find him, and there’s no dialogue to exhaust.

You will get the opportunity to speak with him again at one of the game’s final stages.

Alexander Iron Fist Location – Crumbling Farum Azula

Alexander will move to the below-marked location in Crumbling Farum Azula.

elden ring alexander iron fist quest location crumbling farum azula - GameClubz

To reach this location from the Dragon Temple Lift Site of Grace (which can be accessible with two Stonesword Keys), proceed up the flight of stairs beyond the undead plaza, turn right, and you’ll see two square bracket-shaped archways.

Use the archway on the left (closest to the dragon) to go to the other side.

After passing through the crumbling tower, Alexander may be located right on the flat arena.

elden ring alexander iron fist quest location crumbling farum azula fight - GameClubz

He will challenge you to a warrior’s duel, and if you win, you will receive Alexander’s Innards and the Shard of Alexander, a potent talisman that strengthens Ashes of War.

If you lose, he will keep allowing you to challenge him until you win.

Alexander Iron Fist Quest – Jar Bairn Questline

Alexander’s Innards is a key item that can be given to the Jar Bairn NPC in Jarburg after poachers attack the village.

elden ring jar bairn quest location alexanders insides - GameClubz

You will receive the Companion Jar Talisman if you give Alexander’s Innards to Jar Bairn.

Follow the Jar Bairn questline covered in-depth here to receive your Companion Jar Talisman in exchange for Alexander’s Innards.

That’s everything you need to know to complete Elden Ring Alexander Iron Fist Quest. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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