Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Location Guide: How To Complete

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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March 22, 2022

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs is a dungeon located in the Calid region, in the large beach desert to the east.

The Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs can be found in the far northern corner of the beach after defeating Starscourge Radahn.

Getting around the War-Dead Catacombs isn’t too difficult because it’s not overly complicated.

The problem is that many ghost enemies will constantly try to attack you while exploring, which can be pretty annoying.

Here’s how to quickly and easily navigate the War-Dead Catacombs and reach the boss chamber in the Fromsoftware’s video game available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Location – Where To Find

The War-Dead Catacombs are found within the Boss Arena after the fight against Starscourge Radahn.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Location Where To Find Map

Fast travel to the Starscourge Radahn Site of Lost Grace, then ride your horse north to the water’s edge to find the catacombs’ entrance.

War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide – How To Navigate

Don’t bother about killing enemies; it’s better to avoid them entirely, dodging any incoming attacks and healing when needed.

Basically, you can’t stop sprinting through the catacombs unless you want to die repeatedly.

In order to enter the boss chamber at the end of the catacombs, you must first locate the lever that opens the doors.

Follow the path from the Site of Grace until you reach the main room with many enemies fighting each other.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Main Room

There will be a broken staircase on the right; skip it and climb the one further down on the right.

An archer across the way will attempt a ranged attack but dodge it and enter the hallway pointed out in the image above.

Continue to the end of the corridor and turn right, avoiding any hits from the soldier and archer.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Hallway

Again, continue running down the next path until you reach a wall, then turn right.

On the right side of this hallway, there will be a small window just before the ghost knight’s room.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Small Window

Also, a ghost soldier is ready to ambush you right around the corner, so try to dodge roll to avoid being hit.

As you reach the window, jump out of it to land on a platform.

Climb up the staircase and go through the small window where an enemy archer awaits.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Radahn Soldier Ashes

You can also pick up the Radahn Soldier Ashes in the chamber next to the small window.

Turn left to find the lever that will allow you to unlock the boss door.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Lever Location

Pull the lever, and drop down to the main floor.

Head into the path to the west until you reach the boss gate.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can pick up the Collapsing Stars Sorcery located in a chest right under the main room platform.

You will need to defeat the Putrid Tree Spirit boss, which can be very difficult if you are low-leveled.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Dungeon Guide Putrid Tree Spirit

After defeating the boss, you will receive Redmane Knight Ogha Legendary Spirit Ashes and a Golden Seed.

Did you manage to complete the Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs dungeon? Let us know your questions in the comments section below.

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