Elden Ring Perfumer’s Grotto Location Guide: How To Complete

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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April 1, 2022

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Grotto is a side dungeon found in the Altus Plateau region and the home of the duo boss: Omenkiller Miranda the Blighted Bloom.

Perfumer’s Grotto is a great place to gather Budding Cave Moss, Crystal Cave Moss, and Living Jar Shard crafting materials.

In this Elden Ring guide, we will show you how to get there, how to collect everything in the dungeon, and how to reach the bosses’ chamber.

Elden Ring Perfumer’s Grotto Location – Where To Find

Perfumer’s Grotto is found in the Altus Plateau region, following the minor road east from Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Location Where To Find

It can also be reached by exploring the side of the great bridge that leads east into the capital.

Head through the large set of doors from the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace and fight or avoid the Tree Sentinal by turning right.

Drop down the stone walkway and pay attention to the right for a tunnel opening along the cliffs.

A Giant Poison Flower guards the entrance.

Perfumer’s Grotto Location – How To Navigate

When you reach the Perfumer’s Grotto entrance, there will be a Site of Grace where you can rest.

It is recommended to enter this dungeon with a Torch being pitch black inside.

Carry on through the tunnel until you reach a bifurcation in the path where you can drop down to the left.

Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Location First Room Living Jar Shard

This room is filled with perfumers enemies that you will need to kill for a chance to obtain a piece from the Perfumer Set, such as the Perfumer Hood, Perfumer Robe, Perfumer Gloves, Perfumer Sarong.

There will also be a Giant Poison Flower nearby.

Once you clear the room, gather all the Budding Cave Moss and Crystal Cave Moss. It never hurts to have too many.

Also, loot the corpse where the Giant Poison Flower was to receive 5 x Living Jar Shard and collect the Silver Fireflies near the pond.

After you’re done, head through the north tunnel to reach the next room.

Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Location Chests

Beneath you, there are two chests containing 5 x Living Jar Shards and a Perfume Bottle.

To proceed further, kill the Perfumer and Poison Flowers.

In the next area, you will encounter the Malformed Star, a monster that looks like Astel, Naturalborn of the Void boss, in Ranni’s The Witch questline.

Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Location Malformed Star

Defeat it and proceed along the log path to get 3 x Arteria Leaf and continue through the branches to reach the bosses’ chamber.

If you look down to the north, there is an unreachable section of wooden platforms. This section is part of the Altus Tunnel dungeon covered in depth here.

Before the boss, there are several items to collect right before the mist, like 6 x Miranda Powder, 1 x Warming Stone, 2 x Golden Rune [5], and two Poison Flowers to kill.

Once you traverse the mist, prepare to face an Omenkiller and Miranda the Blighted Bloom at the same time.

Elden Ring Perfumer's Grotto Location Bosses Fight

To make the fight easier, use your summoning ashes to deal with one boss at a time.

After you defeat the duo boss, you will receive 8400 Runes and the Great Omenkiller Cleaver, one of the weapons he is wielding.

That’s everything you need to know to complete Perfumer’s Grotto in the action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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