Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location Guide: How To Complete

March 7, 2022

Elden Ring Highroad Cave is a minor optional dungeon found on the far north side of Limgrave.

Here is a list of all the items that you can get in Elden Ring’s Highroad Cave dungeon:

  • 1 x Blue Dancer Charm;
  • 1 x Shamshir;
  • 3 x Smithing Stone [1];
  • 1 x Smithing Stone [2];
  • 1 x Golden Rune [1]
  • 1 x Golden Rune [4]
  • 3 x Arteria Leaf;
  • 2 x Fire Grease;
  • 1 x Furlcalling Finger Remedy;
  • 1 x Land Octopus Ovary;
  • 4 x Silver Firefly;
  • Cave Moss;

In the following guide, we’ll show you where to find the dungeon, how to collect all the loot, and reach the final boss of Highroad Cave in the latest game developed by FromSoftware.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location – Where To Find

You can find the Highroad Cave on the far north side of Limgrave, near the Saintsbridge Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location Where To Find

To quickly get to the Highroad Cave, head northeast from the Gatefront Ruins until you reach the ravine that splits Limgrave in half.

From here, make your way down the cliffs to the south, then north through the chasm where the Murkwater Catacombs are located.

Follow the ravine north until you pass under the Saintsbridge and search for the Highroad Cave entrance in the cliffs to the left and get inside.

Highroad Cave Dungeon Guide – How To Navigate

It is highly recommended to enter this dungeon with a Torch being pitch black inside the Highroad Cave.

You can buy one from the Merchant Kale, located in the Church of Elleh.

After you rest at the Site of Grace, proceed through the tunnel and drop down on platforms until you reach the bottom.

You will make your way through a small tunnel which will lead to another small area with a hole in the middle.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Hole

On your left, it’s a dead end with two wolves inside.

Right in front of you, after the hole, there is another dead-end with two wolves and 1 x Golden Rune [1] on a corpse.

Now, drop down on the platforms until you reach the bottom.

Take the lower route once you’ve reached the bottom. The upper path will lead to a dead end.

On your way down, you will encounter two wolves, and you will reach the area shown below.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Route

Both tunnels lead you to the same place, but make your way through the left one since you can loot everything on this way.

You will encounter a wolf and a corpse to loot for 3 x Arteria Leaf at the end of it.

Jump down, and you will face three more wolves and a corpse to loot for 2 x Fire Grease.

Going north, you will reach an open area with a waterfall inside and many Giant Bats around.

Follow the path, jump down off the platform and turn around.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Smithing Stone

You will see a Giant Bat guarding a corpse.

Kill it and pillage the remains for 3 x Smithing Stone [1].

Turn around again and drop down until you reach a waterfall entrance guarded by two Giant Bats.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Giant Bats

Inside the dead-end, you will encounter a couple of Octopus easy to kill.

Also, loot the corpses for 1 x Smithing Stone [2] and 1 x Golden Rune [4].

Where the waterfall drops off, drop down on the lower platform with the fallen pillar and cross it to the next platform.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Platform

Kill all the bats and loot the corpse on the platform to get 1 x Shamshir.

Continue your path to the left (northeast) by jumping on the broken pillar.

You will encounter a Giant Octopus in this area, which will drop 1 x Land Octopus Ovary upon defeating.

Now, proceed to the narrow gap until you reach a platform with a corpse that you can loot for 1 Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and turn left.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Waterfall

At the end of the platform, you will see a waterfall. Right beneath, there’s another platform to jump down.

Going through the waterfall will lead you to the boss chamber through the fog wall.

Before fighting the boss, you can collect 4 x Silver Firefly on the right side of the tunnel.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Location How To Complete Boss Battle

The Elden Ring Guardian Golem’s feet are incredibly weak, and if you concentrate on one of them, the boss will fall. If you can, use magical attacks against the golem.

It’s a good idea to stay right behind its legs. The majority of its attacks are directed forward or directly in front of its feet.

After defeating the boss, you will be rewarded with 1700 Runes and 1 x Blue Dancer Charm.

Did you manage to complete Highroad Cave Dungeon in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Directions are completely wrong. To get to this dungeon you need to go north along the bottom of the ravine

    1. Hey, Josh! We have updated the information to make it more precise and easier to follow. Thank you for letting us know!

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