Elden Ring Diallos Quest Locations: How To Complete

Elden Ring Diallos Quest is one of the early quests that can be tricky to follow, especially for players not familiar with the Dark Souls games.

It’s challenging to keep track of all the quests with an almost overwhelming number of NPCs to meet and interact with.

Starting with the moment you meet Diallos, here’s how you can finish his quest without a hitch in the latest game developed by FromSoftware for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location – Where To Find

Diallos can be found for the first time when you visit the Roundtable Hold.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Roundtable Hold

Speak with him, and he’ll tell you about Lanya, his missing companion.

He’ll ask you to keep an eye out for her while you’re out and about.

Diallos Quest Location – Liurnia of the Lakes

Diallos can be found near the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace as you progress towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Liurnia of the Lakes

Head north from the Site of Grace to find him standing over Lanya’s body, mourning her.

Speak with him, then return to the Roundtable Hold, where he will be waiting for you.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Roundtable Hold Second Time

Exhaust his dialogue here once more to get him to move to Volcano Manor.

Diallos Quest Location – Volcano Manor

After you join the Volcano Manor, you can find Diallos in the drawing-room of the Volcano Manor, where you’ll pick up the letters for the Tanith Questline assassinations.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Volcano Manor

He will be to Bernhal’s right. Exhaust his dialogue and complete two assassinations contracts.

After completing the assassinations, you will find him later in the same spot, looking defeated.

Once you exhaust his dialogue, he will leave Volcano Manor and relocate to Jarburg.

Diallos Quest Location – Jarburg

Diallos’ quest concludes with a trip to Jarburg in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Jarburg Map

Fast travel to the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, then head east to the cliff just south of the Carian Study Hall.

Once you get close to the cliff’s edge, you will find tombstones that you can drop down on by using your horse, Torrent.

Make your way down, activate the site of grace, and look for the Jar-Bairn, a small pot.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Jar-Bairn

You must speak with Jar-Bairn enough times to progress his questline until he mentions that “a new Potentate’s coming to the village”.

First, you’ll be asked if you’re the new Potentate, so say yes.

Exhaust the dialogue, then reload the area— either fast travel or rest at the Site of Grace nearby.

Do this as many times as necessary until you hear about the new Potentate.

Look for Diallos inside one of the huts and speak with him, exhausting his dialogue once more.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Jarburg

Rest or fast travel at the nearby site of grace, exhaust the new dialogues with Jar-Bairn and Diallos, then pass the time at the Site of Grace, so a whole night has passed.

You will find him in the center of the village, lying on the ground after defending the jars, and he will ask if he was successful in defending them.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Diallos Dead

When prompted, select “You defended them,” then speak to Jar Bairn again before reloading the area.

After reloading the area, Jar-Bairn will move over to him and “devour” his corpse for power.

Exhaust the dialogue with Jair-Bairn, and reload the area one more time.

Where he was last encountered, you can loot the Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallos’ Mask, and a Numen’s Rune. 

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Location Diallos Loot

That’s everything you need to know in order to complete the Elden Ring Diallos Quest. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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