Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Location Guide: How To Complete

March 11, 2022

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs is a minor Caelid dungeon found on the southern side of the rotten region, northwest of Impassable Greatbridge we fully covered here.

The Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs dungeon may look accessible at first sight, but it is a rotten place, just like the Abandoned Cave where you can find the Gold Scarab Taliman.

Furthermore, inside the Caelid Catacomb, you can find a secret area behind an invisible wall, where the FromSoftware’s devs hide the Miranda Sprout Ashes you may want to retrieve.

Therefore throughout the Caelid Catacombs guide below, we’ll outline all items you can get while exploring this dungeon.

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Location – Where To Find

On the map below, you can see where to find the Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs while exploring the southern side of the Caelid region.

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Location Guide

As you can notice, this dungeon is relatively close to the Impassable Great Bridge (found east), and it is also easy to access.

However, before getting inside, consider visiting the Shack Of The Rotting covered here because there are five Preserving Boluses you may want to find there.

The Preserving Boluses will help you cross the dungeon by alleviating scarlet rot buildup and curing rot ailment.

With the items in hand, head towards the catacombs and find the large wooden door that leads inside the mountain.

Caelid Catacombs Dungeon Guide – How To Navigate

After you rest at the Caelid Catacombs Site of Grace, head towards the tunnel ahead until you reach a small chamber with a rotting swamp.

Quickly cross it, then turn around and deal with the 3 Miranda Sprouts that spawn in the pool, looting the Grave Glovewort.

Now, slowly head towards the tunnel ahead but be careful because there is a skeleton around the left corner.

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Guide

After dealing with him, push towards the area ahead and follow the stairs down.

On the right side, you’ll have to deal with a skeleton archer, then quickly turn around and deal with another one that follows you.

It goes without saying that you also have to loot the Grave Violet on the left side of the tunnel.

Now, it’s time to be extra cautious and find the secret area.

Caelid Catacombs Hidden Area – Where To Find The Miranda Sprout Spirit Ashes

Immediately after you descend the stairs ahead, turn right. Basically, you’ll be under the stairs and, while facing the dead end, hit the second wall on the right side.

This is an invisible wall you can destroy to reveal an alcove. Simply hit the wall with your weapon.

There is a Miranda Sprout behind the wall, guarding the Miranda Sprout Spirit Ashes you can see in my image.

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Dungeon Guide

Be advised that the moment you touch the ashes, three Miranda Sprouts spawn, ambushing you.

Retrace your steps back to the stairs, then look around the right corner to notice a Giant Miranda.

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Walkthrough

If you can use your ranged weapon to deal with it while remaining on the stairs, then quickly cross the rotten area while looting everything in your path.

Caelid Catacombs Lever Location – How To Open The Locked Door

Upon descending the stairs, you’ll find a large area you need to cross. Keep your boluses at hand and quickly go around the central structure, looting both Grave Glovewort here.

Now head to the other side, then turn around to see a lever behind another hidden wall (pictured below).

Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs Locked Door Open

Pull the lever then in the next room, you’ll be able to see the Caelid Catacombs locked door opening.

This door leads to the boss area, and behind it, you’ll find a Cemetery Shade similar to the one you defeated in Tombsward Catacombs covered here.

Elden Ring Caelid CatacombsCemetery Shade Boss Guide

By defeating the Caelid Catacombs Boss in Elden Ring, you’ll unlock the Kindred of Rot Spirit Ashes, and the dungeon is complete.

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