Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Location Guide: How To Complete

Written by Sergiu Trifu
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March 23, 2022

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave is a side dungeon found in Liurnia of the Lakes and the host of the boss Cleanrot Knight.

Stillwater Cave is a good source of Cave Moss, Budding Cave Moss, and Crystal Cave Moss crafting items. Almost every section of the cave contains nodes of this material from which to collect.

In this Elden Ring guide, we will explain how to complete Stillwater Cave.

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Location – Where to Find

Stillwater Cave is located at the southernmost tip of Liurnia of the Lakes.

elden ring stillwater cave location guide map - GameClubz

You can reach it by carefully dropping down on the tombstones from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

You can find the cave entrance by looking for two Spirit Jellyfish around the cliffs.

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Location Where to Find Entrance

Stillwater Cave Guide – How To Navigate

Head inside, and you will find the Site of Grace at the bottom of the entrance to Stillwater Cave.

You will need a Torch to see down below, so make sure you have one.

Hug the right wall and avoid falling into the pits where the giant flowers are, and kill the big bat located in the opening to the right.

Giant Poison Flowers are not worth killing because they are resistant to magic and release a deadly poison at melee range.

Jump the gap to reach the ledge ahead, where two Servants of Rot await. 

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Guide Servents of Rot

Behind them, there is an entrance taking you to a chamber where you can find a corpse holding the Sage Hood, Sage Robe, and Sage Trousers (Sage Set).

Also, if you loot the other two corpses, you can receive 15 x Serpent Arrow and 1 x Golden Rune [5].

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Guide Sage Set

Return the way you came and follow the left-side wall, where you will find a corpse holding 5 x Glowstone, but watch out for Bats above.

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Guide Corpse

Jump over the gap to the west and go through the southeast tunnel.

This tunnel is filled with Servants of Rot, but they are all rested state, so you can just run past them to get to the mist gate at the end.

Also, you can loot the corpse near the mist gate to receive 2 x Poison Grease.

Behind the mist gate, you will face the dungeon’s boss: Cleanrot Knight.

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Guide Cleanront Knight

Upon defeating him, you will receive 3300 Runes and Winged Sword Insignia.

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