Elden Ring Coastal Cave Location Guide: How To Complete

Written by Vlad Susanu
March 3, 2022

Elden Ring Coastal Cave is a small Limgrave dungeon you may want to explore early in the game, even though it features two Bosses.

While it may look scary, the Elden Ring Coastal Cave dungeon is quite accessible, with no traps and a straightforward path you have to follow.

Even the Coastal Cave Bosses are easy to defeat, but the rewards you get from them are not that great.

Other than that, the dungeon is poor in loot, but what makes this location so important is a secret passage.

So if you want to learn everything about this dungeon and where to find the Elden Ring Coastal Cave secret passage, throughout the guide below, we’ll cover it entirely.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Location – Where To Find

As you can see on the map below, in the video game developed by FromSoftware, Coastal Cave is on the western coast of Limgrave.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Location Guide

Before heading towards the dungeon, though, it is recommended to buy a torch from the Merchant Kalé at Church of Elleh.

Additionally, if you play as an Astrologer, obtaining the Meteorite Staff early in the game can make your adventure easier.

At the same time, unlocking and knowing how to use the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes is a good idea for all classes.

Other than that, you don’t need anything. So let’s see how to get inside the Coastal Cave in Elden Ring and what you should look for.

Coastal Cave – How To Get Inside

The entrance to the Coastal Cave is on the shore southwest of the Church of Elleh, so basically, you’ll want to descend to the beach to spot it.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Entrance How To Get Inside

You can see it in my screenshot above, and the first thing you’ll want to do when you get inside is to equip and light your torch.

As you progress, you’ll reach the Coastal Cave Site of Grace on the left side.

The path toward it is straightforward, so make sure you activate the Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Site Of Grace

Old Knight Istvan Coastal Cave Summoning Pool – How To Use

Close to it, on the right side (pictured below), you’ll also see Summoning Pool or a small effigy that looks like a cross.

This is the Elden Ring Coastal Cave Old Knight Istvan Summoning Pool, and you’ll want to examine it.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Summoning Pool How To Use

By activating the Summoning Pool, you will, in fact, request help from Old Knight Istvan, and you’ll find him down the road just before fighting the two bosses.

Coastal Cave Tunnels – How To Navigate

Once you activate the Summoning Pool, follow the tunnel nearby until you reach the first enemy overseeing the large cave.

You can quickly dispatch him since he is facing the other way. Now, get the Cave Moss on the left side.

Turn right and keep pushing forward to see two trolls that are very easy to defeat. Get the Cave Moss nearby, then turn left but be advised that more trolls await down the road.

Once you deal with them, there are two more trolls on the left side of the large cave, while on the right side, you’ll see a sparkling item on a corpse.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Land Octopus Ovary

Pick it up because it is a Land Octopus Ovary, or a crafting material, even though it sounds gross.

Immediately after picking the previous item, you’ll see a Gold Summon Sign on the left side.

Make sure you interact with it because it will summon Old Knight Istvan to help you in the battle ahead.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Gold Summon Sign

Keep in mind, though, that this works only if you activated the Summoning Pool above.

Demi-Human Chiefs Bosses – How To Defeat

When you are ready, jump into the cave ahead, and on the right side, you’ll see more sparkling objects. Silver Fireflies are used in crafting, and even though they are pretty common, it is a good idea to collect them.

Now, get ready to deal with the Demi-Human Chiefs or the two Coastal Cave Bosses.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Demi-Human Chief Bosses

Although big and scary, the Demi-Human Chiefs are pretty accessible, mainly because you have Old Knight Istvan fighting on your side.

You can also summon the wolves mentioned above and keep the bosses busy if needed. Avoiding contact is recommended, so you’ll want to use ranged attacks.

The Astrologer class performs best here; however, any class should be able to deal with these two bosses because they will be busy targeting Old Knight Istvan and the wolves you summon.

As long as you avoid the leaping attacks, these two bosses should not pose a problem.

Tailoring Tools & Sewing Needle – How To Use

Upon dealing with the two bosses, you’ll receive a Sewing Needle and Some Tailoring Tools.

Elden Ring Tailoring Tools Sewing Needle How To Use

While these two items may look significant, only the Sewing Needle is actually important because you’ll have to bring it back to Boc The Demi-Human as part of his questline explained here.

To use the Elden Ring Tailoring Tools, you’ll have to head back to a Site of Grace.

While resting, you’ll see the Alter Garments option (below), which allows you to alter what your clothes look like.

Elden Ring Alter Garments How To Use

Coastal Cave Secret Passage – Where To Find

Now that you have cleared the Coastal Cave, cross the area where you faced the two bosses, and you’ll see a light you can use to return to the entrance.

However, instead of going back, keep pushing forward, gathering more Cave Moss because the tunnel ahead takes you to the Church of Dragon Communion or southwestern Limgrave island.

It is mandatory to follow the tunnel, get to the island, and activate the Church of Dragon Communion Site of Grace for later use.

On your way out through the secret tunnel, there is one last essential item (Smoldering Butterfly) you’ll need to get from a corpse, as well as several trolls you’ll have to defeat.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Secret Passage

The moment you head outside, check your map, and you’ll see that you are on an island where you may want to learn how to use the Church of Dragon Communion Altar explained here.

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