Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack Location Guide: How To Complete

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March 7, 2022

Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack is a small Limgrave landmark you may come across while exploring the northern side of the first region in the video game developed by FromSoftware.

Although it may look poor in loot and boring, Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack, as well as the NPC you’ll meet here, hold an interesting and rewarding secret.

Knowing how to approach this landmark and what you can do when meeting Knight Bernahl is the key to solving the Warmaster’s Shack mystery.

So if you wonder why is the Elden Ring Warmaster gone after you find him and what secrets are hidden inside the Shack, throughout the guide below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this location.

Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack Location – Where To Find

As you can see on the map below, Warmaster’s Shack is found northeast of Stormhill Shack, where you meet Roderika, an important NPC, as outlined in this guide.

Elden Ring Warmaster's Shack Location Guide

Once you reach this location, the first thing you’ll want to do is to activate the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace.

You can see it in the following screenshot, and in the background, you can also see Knight Bernahl.

Elden Ring Warmaster's Shack Guide

The Elden Ring Knight Bernahl NPC is a vendor that sells Ashes of War; however, there is also a secret boss here.

Here is how to fight him.

Warmaster Shack Knight Bernahl Gone – Where To Find

Before moving forward, you should know that there are specific steps you’ll want to follow to spawn the secret boss or the Bell Bearing Hunter Invasion Boss.

So, first, approach Knight Bernahl and talk to him. Tell him that your faith holds firm, and you’ll be able to access his wares.

Without going into details on what he sells, exit the shopping menu, then approach him again, but this time, select the Talk option (pictured below).

Elden Ring Warmaster Gone Where To Find

The second step here is mandatory because if you only talk to him once, then when the night comes, he’ll still be inside the hut.

Now, once you talk to him, rest at the Site of Grace and fast-forward time until night.

Great, now, you’ll see that the Warmaster is gone, so the question here is what to do next.

Well, you need to step away from the Site of Grace or leave the area.

So, mount your horse, then ride away. Or fast-travel. Now return to the Warmaster’s Shack and get inside the house. Keep in mind that this must be made during the night.

Once you enter the Shack, you’ll be ambushed (invaded) by the Bell Bearing Hunter Boss.

The Warmaster Shack Boss is powerful and fast, so don’t spawn him unless you’re ready for a fight.

Elden Ring Warmaster's Shack Boss

Obviously, your goal is to defeat him, and he’ll drop the Bone Peddler’s Ball Bearing.

Bone Peddler’s Ball Bearing – How To Use

The Elden Ring Bone Peddler’s Ball Bearing is a key item you’ll need to return to an NPC.

This means that after you deal with the Bell Bearing Hunter Boss, you’ll want to open your map and head to Roundtable Hold.

Once inside, look around to find the Twin Maiden Husks in the northeastern quarters.

Elden Ring Bone Peddler Ball Bearing How To Get Use

Offer them the Bone Peddler’s Ball Bearing, and they’ll add more items to their shop. This is similar to what Sorceress Sellen does when you bring back the Royal House Scroll.

And that’s about it. Did you manage to beat the Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack boss? Let us know in the comments below.

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