Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Guide: How To Complete

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April 2, 2022

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel is a side dungeon found in the central-west section of the Altus Plateau region and home of the Stonedigger Troll boss.

You must bring two Stonesword Keys to this location to unlock the Old Altus Tunnel.

The Old Altus Tunnel is a rich source of Cracked Crystals. There is an abundance of these items scattered throughout the walls, and they respawn anytime you rest at the Site of Grace.

In the following guide, we will show you where to find the Old Altus Tunnel, how to loot all the treasure items, and how to reach the boss room in the video game developed by FromSoftware for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location – Where To Find

Old Altus Tunnel can be found in the central-west section of the Altus Plateau region, southwest of the Bridge of Iniquity.

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To reach the Old Altus Tunnel, head northeast from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace until you reach a deep gorge east of Wyndham Ruins.

This steep gorge will curve to the left, and you will notice an Imp Statue Seal in front of the entrance.

Use the Stonesword Keys to unlock this seal and enter the tunnel.

Old Altus Tunnel Location – How To Navigate

Check behind the wall on the right of the entrance for a corpse with 3 Explosive Stone Clumps.

Take the lift down the tunnel to discover the Site of Grace.

Moving on from the Site of Grace, you’ll come across a Stonedigger with a lamp and a Hound beside a wooden shack.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location First Room

Clear them out and proceed to the right side of the shack to obtain Smithing Stones [5] and Cracked Crystals.

Once you’re done here, proceed to the cave’s next section.

You will enter a large cave with several wooden walkways.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Second Room

Follow the platform on the right and head to the top of the ladder.

This leads to a room with a shack on the left and two Stonediggers mining some crystals while a Lyndell Soldier watches over them.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Third Room

Take out the soldier first, and two hounds should come rushing out of the shack.

After killing them, look in the shack for a Boltdrake Talisman +1 located on a corpse, an upgraded version of the previous talisman.

Check around the left side of the shack to obtain Somber Smithing Stone [6].

Towards the right side of the shack, you will see another corpse with Stanching Boluses.

Another Smithing Stone [5] can be found behind the barrels in the small nook to the right of where the miners were.

Move back and jump down from the platform’s right side.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Golden Rune 6

You will land on the wooden platform opposite the room you previously entered.

Reaching the platform’s end, you will find two Stonediggers, a Smithing Stone [5], and a corpse holding a Golden Rune [5].

After clearing the area, drop down onto the shack below to get to the lower level.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Lower Level

Consider taking out the enemies below with ranged attacks from the roof of the shack you jumped on before jumping down.

On the bottom floor, you will encounter a Lyndell Soldier and two Lyndell Knights.

You will also encounter two Hounds near the shack to the south, and inside, you can find a corpse holding the Troll’s Hammer.

Another Smithing Stone [5] can be found in the tiny gap between the shack and the east wall.

In the shack located towards the north, you can find a corpse holding a Somber Smithing Stone [4].

Enter the tunnel behind the northern shack, where you will encounter two Hounds and a Stonedigger.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Smithing Stones

You can also find Smithing Stone [5] and Somber Smithing Stone [5] by heading towards the back wall.

Finally, return to the long ladder and follow the tunnel behind it to a mist gate that leads to the dungeon’s boss: the Stonedigger Troll.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Location Stonedigger Troll

This boss is relatively easy and can be quickly punished from a distance if you use your Summoning Ashes to distract him.

Beware of its roar, which can knock you down, allowing the Stonedigger Troll to follow up with a powerful club smash.

After defeating this boss, you will receive 9600 Runes and the Great Club Hammer Weapon.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below.

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