Elden Ring Impaler’s Catacombs Location: How To Complete

March 3, 2022

Elden Ring Impaler’s Catacombs is a small dungeon found on the northeastern side of the Weeping Peninsula.

It’s an optional dungeon with a few treasures and miniboss at the end.

In this guide, I’ll explain where you can find Impaler’s Catacombs Dungeon and how to get to the final boss, Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Elden Ring Impaler’s Catacomb Location – Where To Find

As you see on the map below, this is the location of the entrance to Impaler’s Catacombs.

If you need help uncovering the map, the Limgrave Map Fragments locations guide might help you.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find

To quickly get there, travel with your horse to Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.

Next to the site, you can find a Spiritsong Jump Point to jump on the top of the cliff.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Entrance

Once you get to the top, travel to the north on the right of the cliff until you come to a two-door entrance made of wood and stone.

Impaler’s Catacombs Dungeon Guide – How To Navigate

Once you are inside, touch Impaler’s Catacombs Site of Grace.

Heading into the Catacombs, the first room features some stairs on the wall leading the way down and a large hole.

There are two Imps in this chamber, one on the entrance wall and the other on the opposite end of the staircase.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Imps

Try to avoid being pushed off into the hole while you finish them, grab the Grave Violet and proceed to the next room.

Here, you will see a big metal door locked that you need to unlock to reach the boss.

Follow the path to the left, where you will encounter three imps. Take them out and grab the Grave Glovewort on your left.

Now, if you keep going straight, you will find a room with one imp where you can loot Grave Glovewort.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Path

Turn back and follow the path marked in the image above.

Impaler’s Catacombs Spike Trap – How To Avoid

The path down the stairs leads to a large empty room with many spikes, which you will notice when you look up.

Stepping on the floor activates the mechanism, which raises the floor and forces you onto the spikes, causing damage.

A Grave Violet is found in a hole in the top left corner of the chamber. You’ll be able to sprint across the elevating floor and into the hole in time.

Standing on the floor for too long will elevate you up into the spikes, then repeatedly push you into the spikes until you die or return to the hole.

Running to the exit will not allow you to escape since the floor will rise above the entryway, trapping you within.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Platform

You must first activate the floor mechanism to escape, then remain in the hole until it reaches the ceiling.

Begin moving to the entrance as the floor returns to its previous position so that you have time to exit.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Way

Step on the raising floor at the room’s entrance to have it raised, then quickly step off and have it raised behind you, then drop down beneath the floor to continue further.

Following the path will bring you to other rooms with skeleton enemies.

Don’t bother killing them. Grab all the loot you see glowing, reach the end of the underground chamber and climb the ladder.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Lever

The lever at the top of the ladder opens the doors at the beginning of the catacombs.

Be cautious when going around the corner; an imp lurks nearby, ready to leap on you.

Climb out of the window at the end to return to the starting room.

Don’t forget to rest at Impaler’s Catacombs Site of Grace before starting the Boss fight to refill your Sacred Flasks.

Impaler’s Catacombs Dungeon Guide – Boss Fight

This fight is against the Erdtree Burial Watchdog Boss, as well as a large number of Imps.

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacomb Location Where To Find Boss

The imps’ melee strikes cause bleeding, and being surrounded by them while battling the boss in this small area can soon cause the bleed threshold to be surpassed, causing you to take a lot of damage.

This monster has roughly 1400 health but is slow and predictable, making it a simple fight once the imps have been killed.

So, before you focus on the boss, clear away the imps first.

If you defeat the boss, you’ll get Demi-Human Ashes and 2400 Runes.

How do you enjoy the latest game released by FromSoftware so far? What do you think about Impaler’s Catacombs Dungeon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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