Elden Ring Castle Morne Location Guide: How To Complete

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Elden Ring Castle Morne is an optional minor dungeon found in Southern Limgrave on the Weeping Peninsula.

If you discovered Irina near the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace, on the north side of Weeping Peninsula, this is the place where you can find her father, Edgar, and collect a couple of good items along the way.

If you want to know more about Irina’s task, consider checking this Irina’s Letter Quest Guide Walkthrough.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to collect all the items and get to the final boss of Castle Morne in the latest game developed by FromSoftware.

Here is a list of all the items that you can get in Elden Ring’s Castle Morne:

1 x Claymore1 x Stonesword Key3 x Smithing Stone [1]
1 x Whip1 x Pickled Turtle Neck3 x Smithing Stone [2]
1 x Steel-Wire Torch1 x Furlcalling Finger Remedy2 x Fire Grease
1 x Twinblade Talisman1 x Golden Rune [2]
1 x Grafted Blade GreatswordSmoldering Butterfly
1 x Sacrificial Twig3 x Tarnished Golden Sunflower
8 x Throwing Dagger

Elden Ring Castle Morne Location – Where To Find

Castle Morne is located at the southernmost point of South Limgrave.

Elden Ring Castle Morne Location Where To Find

To quickly get there, use your horse, Torrent, to avoid enemies in your way.

Don’t forget to touch all the Sites of Grace you encounter on your way there.

If you need help uncovering the map, the Limgrave Map Fragments locations guide might help you.

Castle Morne Loot Locations Guide – Where to Find

When you first arrive at Castle Morne, you will be “welcomed” by a giant golem that fires ballista ammo at you from a long distance.

Get close to him using your horse. In most cases, he misses until you get right in front of him. Target his legs for an easy kill.

Get inside Castle Morne and touch the Site of Grace. Take the lift, and you should see this large open courtyard.

Elden Ring Castle Morne Location Where To Find Courtyard

On your left, you’ll find 1 x Smithing Stone [2], guarded by two zombie dogs. Kill the hounds and pillage the remains for the loot.

Now, return to the spot where we started. In front of the tied corpse, you can find 2 x Fire Grease and a Smoldering Butterfly around the fire, but be aware because you will get swarmed and killed.

To get inside the castle, make a run, near the wall, behind the tied corpse on the wooden beam. Stop in front of the entrance and kill the 1-2 imps following you.

Elden Ring Castle Morne Location Where To Find Claymore

Inside, you will see a chest containing a greatsword called Claymore, one of the best weapons early in the game for melee builds.

Collect the chest, take the stairs down, get outside, kill the two imps and the knight, and climb the ladder.

Clear the area of imps and check the podium. You can find 1 x Furlcalling Finger Remedy on a corpse.

On the left side of the podium, there’s also another body that’s being guarded by two more imps.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find steel wire torch - GameClubz

Kill them and loot the corpse to collect 1 x Steel-Wire Torch.

Now go back to the ladder that we got up here.

Right in front of you, you should see another ladder. Take that ladder up.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find ladder - GameClubz

Near the middle of the wall, on the left, you should see a gap. Jump down into the next area.

Here you will encounter two melee imps and two flying imps.

The flying imps have a small chance to drop Misbigotten Shortbow.

Grab the 1 x Golden Rune [2] from the corpse hanging on the right side of the wall.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find smithing stone - GameClubz

Near the end of the wall, you can see this spot on the right. Here you can find 2 x Smithing Stone [2].

At the end of this wall, you can see a big hole.

Jump down and rest on the 2nd Site of Grace in the area, known as Behind the Castle Site of Grace.

As you keep jumping down to progress, stop in the place shown in the image below.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find stonesword key - GameClubz

Try to easily jump on the left side to grab 1 x Stonesword key of the corpse sitting on the wooden platform.

You can clear the imps with backstab using crouch.

On the right, there should be a torture room. Loot the corpse inside to get 1 x Pickled Turtle Neck.

Get outside, go along the wall and kill the enemies in your way.

Climb the tower’s ladder to the top and circle around to find a treasure chest containing 1 x Twinblade Talisman.

Next, you have to go back down on the wall, look to the south, and you should see a roof below you.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find roof - GameClubz

Jump down on the roof, and behind the building, you’ll find a corpse next to a tree. Loot it to get 3 x Tarnished Golden Sunflowers.

Now, looking southeast of the building, you will see a big tree.

Jump there and proceed forward until you can see a square opening on the ground that you can enter.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find square opening - GameClubz

Below, there is a narrow beam, and on that beam is a corpse with 1 x Smithing Stone [2].

Drop down to the next beam and then down. You will encounter a group of rats and an imp.

I suggest you just sprint out of the prison cell and fight outside, where there’s more space for you to move around.

There’s a body inside the cell that you can loot for 1 x Whip.

As you get outside, around the corner to the left, you can find the third Site of Grace, known as Beside the Rampart Gaol.

Now, cross the narrow wooden bridge, as you approach the other end, move slowly on crouch since you will encounter one strong imp wielding an axe and a winged imp with a bow.

There’s a body next to the barrels and crates Loot it to receive 8 x Throwing Dagger. 

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find narrow entrance - GameClubz

In that narrow entrance, you will find a corpse lying in the water that you can loot for 15 x Fire Arrow.

Climb down the nearby ladder, where you’ll see multiple Spirit Jellyfish enemies. These aren’t hostile and remain at rest unless you attack them. 

As you get close to that narrow entrance, a giant crab will spawn. After you kill it, it will drop 1 x Crab Eggs and 1 x Strip of White Flesh.

Now, go behind the tower we climbed down, and you will find a corpse that you can loot for 1 x Somber Smithing Stone [1], a very useful item that upgrades Legendary weapons.

From here, turn right and look for an entrance that can only be reached by passing through the gold mist.

elden ring castle morne location loot where to find sword - GameClubz

Beyond it is Leonine Misbegotten, the location’s boss. Before battling this boss, make sure you’ve prepared properly.

Defeating Leonine Misbegotten rewards you with 3800 Runes and 1 x Grafted Blade Greatsword, one of the best-looking weapons in the game.

There are still some parts of Castle Morne to explore after the battle, so make sure to touch the Morne Moangrave Site of Grace at the boss arena before heading back to the Castle Morne Lift site.

Before you start exploring the rest of Castle Morne, I would recommend you start Irina’s Letter Quest.

Look for the “Elden Ring Irina’s Father – How To Get To Edgar” section of the guide on how to pass through the rest of Castle Morne.

The remaining items left to collect are 1 x Golden Rune [2], left from the Pumpkin Head, and 1 x Sacrificial Twig as an apology from Edgar (NPC).

Did you manage to defeat Leonine Misbegotten and collect the mighty Grafted Blade Greatsword to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below!

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