Elden Ring Heretical Rise Location Puzzle: How To Get Inside The Tower

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April 25, 2022

Elden Ring Heretical Rise is one of the many towers found in the Lands Between that you need to complete a riddle in order to break the entrance’s seal.

Solving the tower puzzles, such as discovering all of the turtles, are usually relatively easy, but the one at Heretical Rise is likely the most challenging in the video game developed by FromSoftware.

Therefore, in this guide, we will show you where to find the Heretical Rise and how to solve the puzzle to enter the tower.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Location – Where To Find

The Heretical Rise can be found in the northeast part of the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Location Where To Find

Head south once you reach the frozen lake, hugging the west side cliffs until you reach a Spiritspring Jump point.

Use your horse to jump on the top of the cliffs where you will reach the Lord Contender’s Evergoal.

Now, travel north until you find the Heretical Rise locked with a magical barrier and Imp Statue nearby the staircase.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Location Imp Statue Seal

Heretical Rise Puzzle – How To Solve

If you interact with the Imp Statue holding a book near the staircase, a prompt will appear saying, “Falling snow marks something unseen”.

This message doesn’t help too much with what you need to do to break the seal.

To solve this riddle, you must cross an invisible bridge from across the ravine behind the tower.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Puzzle Invisible Bridge

To cross this bridge, go to the Frozen Lake Site of Grace and head west until you see some skeletons on the top of the rock.

Climb to the top of the rock, and you will find the broken bridge to the south.

If you walk off the bridge’s edge, you’ll appear to be walking on air, but if you look closely, you’ll notice a faint fog (the ‘falling snow’ mentioned in the riddle) around the invisible bridge.

Continue straight until you’re approximately two-thirds of the way over the chasm — this is when things get complicated.

Turn left following the white snow, and you’ll be able to enter Heretical Rise via an unseen curving staircase.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Puzzle How To Cross Invisible Bridge

Also, if you play online, use the bloodstains and messages on the invisible path to make your way up.

Finally, you’ll find yourself inside the Heretical Rise.

Take the elevator to the top to open the chest containing the Founding Rain of Stars Sorcery.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Puzzle Reward Founding Rain of Stars

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Elden Ring Heretical Rise Puzzle. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below.

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