Elden Ring Redmane Castle Location Guide: How To Complete

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March 16, 2022

Elden Ring  Redmane Castle is a landmark and an important location in the video game developed by FromSoftware, because of the elevator that allows you to reach Starscourge Radahn.

The Redmane Castle in Elden Ring is far easier to explore compared to Stormveil Castle in Limgrave, but because of the enemies you’ll encounter here, you may want to approach it only when your gear allows it.

Sadly, Redmane Castle is also poorer in loot; however, there are some items you may want to get when exploring this landmark.

In case you need help with them, throughout the Elden Ring Redmane Castle guide below, we’ll outline the path you must follow to reach the boss and the items you should look for.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Location – Where To Find

As you can see on the map below, Redmane Castle is an imposing landmark found on a southeastern Cealid island.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Location Guide

The only connection between the Redmane Castle and Caelid is the Impassable Greatbridge, which is also the first obstacle you’ll encounter.

That’s because the Impassable Greatbridge is heavily guarded, and there is a ballista close to the Castle that can set the bridge on fire.

Hence the name of this bridge. So, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is how to cross the Great Bridge.

Caelid Redmane Castle Impassable Greatbridge – How To Cross

Crossing the Impassable Greatbridge in Elden Ring can be a tedious or easy task, depending on when you approach Redmane Castle.

And here we have two scenarios:

  • If you visit Redmane Castle before starting Ranni The Witch questline, then you’ll want to find the portal located on top of the Fort Gael Tower (explained in-depth here)
  • On the other hand, if you explore Redmane Castle as part of Ranni’s quest, you’ll find a small teleporter by the bridge near the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace

You can see the said teleporter below, and if you use it, you’ll get to the other side of the bridge.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Guide

Great, so now, assuming you managed to cross the bridge in one piece and without following Ranni’s quest, let’s see how to navigate through the Castle, collecting everything in the process.

Caelid Redmane Castle – How To Get Inside

The moment you cross the bridge, there is only one path forward, up the hill; however, before heading that way, you’ll want to check the back of the large wooden watchtower to get one Smithing Stone [3].

Make sure you clear the forward camp, then follow the path toward the top of the hill.

Here, you’ll want to deal with a Troll, then upon reaching the Castle’s gate, turn right and follow the mountain’s upper wall.

Eventually, you’ll spot the upper section of the watchtower (below).

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Walkthrough

Jump on it, fuller explore the tower because there is a corpse carrying a Smithing Stone [6] on the middle level, then retrace your steps back to the top of the tower.

Now, keep going right around the Castle’s wall, dealing with the bats and climbing the mountain.

Eventually, you’ll reach the graveyard in my screenshot below.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Graveyard

Here, you’ll want to clear the area first, get rid of the bats, and then kill the scarab (marked by the left arrow above) to get the Ash of War: Flaming Strike.

You can also get Miquela’s Lily behind the tree marked by the right arrow.

Good, now that this area is clear, look for a rather tall ladder and start climbing.

Redmane Castle Guide – How To Navigate

Upon reaching the top of the ladder, first, take out the guard sitting by the fire, then the one overseeing the courtyard.

Now go around the right-side corner, deal with the guard on the upper wall, then with the one patrolling the roof on the left side (wielding a flame sword).

Once you dispatch the second one, cross the same roof, and you’ll find a leader leading to the courtyard. While on top of it, you can see the room in my screenshot.

Elden Ring Castle Redmane Location Guide

Descend the ladder, kill the dog, then get inside the room. When you enter, turn right and loot the corpse by the door to get Armorer’s Cookbook [4].

Now kill all sleeping mobs inside, and grab the Smithing Stone [5] on the corpse in the back of the room. You can also unlock the door leading to the graveyard if you want.

Next, exit the room, turn left, and go through the next door. After dealing with the rushing arbalest, descend the stairs and look through the next window to see two Lion Guardians.

While fast and deadly, these mini-bosses can be lured toward the door, and you can dispatch them without taking a single hit. Just make sure you are inside while they try to get to you.

After you clear the area, head outside, turn left and kill the Crimson Scarab in my screenshot.

Elden Ring Castle Redmane Guide

Retrace your steps now, and from the previous door, head right and around the corner, you’ll find a balcony you may want to inspect.

On the top floor behind the crates in my screenshot, you’ll find a Golden Rune [6].

Elden Ring Castle Redmane Walkthrough

Now head back to the previous area and check the corpse resting on a mud pile by the wall.

Loot it to get a Smithing Stone [4], then head to the tower nearby to find a lot of barrels.

Destroy all of them; then, on the left side, you’ll find a corpse and the Armorer’s Cookbook [4].

Elden Ring Caelid Castle Redmane Walkthrough

Great, so this area is cleared, which means that you are ready to push forward. From the tower above, head southeast until you reach the barricade. Here you’ll want to kill two soldiers, then destroy the crates that block the path forward.

Redmane Castle Chamber Outside The Plaza – How To Reach

As you reach the top of the stairs ahead, turn right (before fighting the flamethrowers) to spot a new tower.

Here you’ll need to climb the ladder on the right side, and you’ll get to the top of the tower where a Pumpkin Head mini-boss awaits.

Defeat him, then loot the corpse behind him (pictured) to get the Flamberge.

Elden Ring Flamberge Location

On the other side of the same roof, you’ll find a second corpse hanging by the wall. Loot it for a Smithing Stone [3].

Now turn around to see a second ladder you can climb to get on top of another tower. It is on the left side while facing the ladder you used to get to the Pumpkin Head.

Head up and when you reach the upper floor, go around the central structure to find a third corpse carrying a Smithing Stone [5].

As you can guess now, you’ll need to head all the way back to the ground area and deal with the flamethrowers.

After clearing all of them, you should be able to spot the room in the following screenshot.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Site Of Grace

On the right side (right arrow) is the Redmane Castle Chamber Outside The Plaza Site of Grace, while in the middle is the portal to Redmane Castle Plaza.

However, there are several additional items you may want to get before heading that way. This means that you’ll want to head left or west.

Follow the wooden stair near the wall to reach the small roof where you have to deal with a couple of soldiers, then turn left, and around the right corner, you’ll see another corpse (below).

Redmane Castle Guide Elden Ring

Loot it to get one Smithing Stone [4], then head back to the ground level and head northwest. Here you’ll need to deal with a mini-boss that’s wielding two saws.

Once you defeat him, head west and enter the tower, I have marked below.

Redmane Castle Elden Ring Walkthrough

Once inside, get the Red-Hot Whetblede from the corpse on the ground, then follow the stairs up.

On the roof, the path is linear, meaning that you’ll need to head left, then cross a small bridge on the right, dealing with all soldiers and archers.

As you cross the following sections, you’ll eventually encounter a knight who is protecting one final chest (below).

Redmane Castle Elden Ring Items Location

Defeat the knight and loot the Smithing Stone [6], then head back to the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace.

Redmane Castle Plaza Guide – How To Navigate

Before heading through the Elden Ring Redmane Castle Plaza gate, you should know that what happens next depends on when you visit this location.

Therefore we have two scenarios here:

  • If you visit it before starting Ranni’s quest, then you’ll have to deal with two bosses: Crucible Knight and Misbegotten Warrior. If you defeat them, you’ll get the Ruins Greatsword, but you won’t be able to advance because the festival won’t take place and Jerran (the old NPC) sends you away
  • Assuming you get to the plaza while following Ranni’s questline explained in this guide, things change, and the festival is taking place

Following the second scenario, you’ll meet several friendly NPCs attending the festival:

Elden Ring Redmane Castle Plaza Guide

Alongside the NPCs listed above, you’ll also find an unnamed woman NPC you can talk to unlock the Polite Bow gesture and the Festival Master.

Talk to the Festival Master, and you’ll unlock the Heartening Cry Gesture, then you’ll have to defeat Starscourge Radahn. You’ll need to use the elevator behind Jerran to get to the boss.

Finally, if you wish to follow Ranni’s quest and still get the Ruins Greatsword, once you defeat Radahn, return to the Redmane Castel Plaza. Talk to the Festival Master (he should be near Jerran), then rest at the Site of Grace to reset the Elden Ring Redmane Castle area.

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