Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Location Guide: How To Complete

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March 27, 2022

Elden Ring Village of the Albinaurics is a landmark found in Liurnia of the Lakes by venturing into the swamp on the southwestern shores.

The map is filled with numerous locations to explore when traveling around the open world of the video game developed by FromSoftware, one of which is the Village of The Albinaurics.

With a dark vibe behind the village, you’re in for a wild adventure as you go through it.

Therefore, in this guide, we will show you how to retrieve the treasures that lie within and find the boss inside the Village Of The Albinaurics.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Location – Where To Find

The Village of the Albinaurics can be found in the southern landmass of Liurnia of the Lakes, beneath the plateau, and is accessible early in the game.

The top of the plateau is accessible only after making significant progress to Ranni’s Questline.

The Village of the Albinaurics is located northwest of Stormveil Castle on the map, and the closest starting point for travel to the village is at the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Location Map

Head northwest and run beside the cliff while you ride your horse.

Continue on the left side, through a swamp area, and avoid any enemies you come across until you reach the village.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Location Where To Find

You will know you’re close when you reach the swamp area and climb up a hill – the name of the location will pop up, as in the image above.

Village Of The Albinaurics Guide – How To Navigate

As you climb up the hill, right under a stone bridge, you will find Nepheli Loux if you spoke to her at the Roundtable Hold once.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Nepheli Loux Location

Exhaust her dialogue and move towards the house, and check behind it to find the Village of the Albinauirics Site of Grace.

Before you begin exploring, activate the site and rest here.

First, clear the area around the house where you’ll encounter Albinauric enemies.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Guide Site of Grace

Near a stone coffin, you will find a corpse that you can loot to obtain a Larval Tear.

Next to the house, you will find a wooden bridge you can cross.

Cross the wooden bridge, kill the Albinauric enemies, and loot the bodies here to find an Albinauric Bloodclot and a Crystal Sword.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Guide Crystal Sword

Now, return to the site of grace, and climb up the hill to the east, where you’ll encounter one Perfumer enemy.

Kill the enemy, pass the two houses on the left, and you will find in the light an NPC disguised as a jar/pot.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Guide Where To Find Albus

To reveal himself, you must hit the pot once.

It turns out to be Albus, who will provide you with a key item, the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right), that you need to deliver to Latenna the Albinauric to complete her quest.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Guide Haligtree Secret Medallion

Exhaust his dialogues, and he will eventually die because of his condition.

Before proceeding to the boss, look behind the stone coffin next to Albus for another corpse to plunder to obtain an Ivory Sickle.

You can get to the boss by crossing the stone bridge on this hill,

The boss of this area is Omenkiller, and you can find him next to a willow tree and a bonfire waiting.

Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics Guide  Omenkiller

If you kill this boss, you will be rewarded with 4900 Runes and the Crucible Knot Talisman.

Check the right side of this little arena for another body at the end of the walkway that you can pillage to obtain a Rune Arc.

And that concludes our guide on how to complete the Elden Ring Village of the Albinaurics. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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