Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave Location Guide: How To Complete

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave is one of the numerous side dungeons in the Mt. Gelmir region that houses many valuable treasures and the Red Wolf of The Champion boss.

Gelmir Hero’s Grave, like other tombs carrying the names of legendary heroes, is filled with dead ends, traps, and endlessly annoying hazards.

Unlike other dungeons, the doors leading to the boss room in Gelmir Hero’s Grave dungeon are opened manually rather than using a lever.

Throughout this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, how to avoid the Chariot, where to find all the treasures inside, and how to reach the boss room in the latest game developed by FromSoftware.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave Location – Where To Find

The Gelmir Hero’s Grave is located on Mt. Gelmir, high above the region’s center.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Location Where To Find Map Entrance

To reach the entrance of the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, head northwest from the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace, climb up the rope ladder to the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace, and then head around the west.

When you arrive at the location, you will find a lift that will lead you down to a room where you’ll discover Gelmir Hero’s Grave Site of Grace.

Gelmir Hero’s Grave Location – How To Navigate

Head forward from the site of grace, down the steps on your left side, and you will come to a slope with lava on both sides.

Once you step a foot on the slope, a deadly chariot will spawn at the bottom of the slope, moving up and down on it.

Run down the slope, jump over the first two skeleton enemies and hide in the right alcove.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Location Down The Slope

Inside the alcove, you will find a skeleton archer that you need to kill and a Grave Violet to collect.

Wait for the Chariot to turn around right before you and run down the slope again.

Get inside the left alcove, wait for the Chariot to pass, and then head inside the right alcove.

Once the Chariot climbs up and passes you, get inside the last alcove on the left with a Grave Glovewort [7] on edge.

From here, you have two options: clear the area and proceed to the second Chariot or keep going down the slope by excessively rolling over the lava.

Picking up any of these choices will lead you to the same area, but by going through lava, you can find the Ringed Finger Hammer to loot the dungeon thoroughly.

Now, head inside the alcove on the right, wait for the Chariot to pass, and keep rolling over the lava until you reach the room on the left. Use your Sacred Flask to heal along the way if you need to.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Rolling over the lava

Once inside the room, you will find a chest containing the Ringed Finger Hammer and a Grave Violet to collect.

Return to the edge of the lava, and you will see an archway on the opposite side.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Archway Pit

There is a hole under the archway to drop down onto a ledge that will bring you near the door of the boss chamber.

Wait for the Chariot to arrive on the ledge facing the lava.

When it gets close to you on this ledge, you can jump on it and ride the Chariot back.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Ride the Chariot

Jump off at the end before it turns back around.

Defeat the Cemetary Shade at the top of this slope to have a chance to gain a Mantis Blade.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Drop Point

There is a ramp with two drop-down points on either side to the south.

Drop down on the ledge toward the left side of the ramp and grab the 6 x Smoldering Butterfly off the corpse.

NOTE: There is a Stonesword Key on a corpse at the top of this slope. Because there is a high chance for you to die, I recommend you, after you complete the dungeon, retrace your steps until here to reach the top to collect it.

Turn right at the end of the ledge into the corridor, then right again to go straight into the room.

A Bloodhound Knight will be there in the room. After defeating him, you will receive Bloodhound Knight Set (Bloodhound Knight Helm, Bloodhound Knight Armor, Bloodhound Knight Gauntlets, and Bloodhound Knight Greaves).

There is also a corpse lying against a stone coffin’ that you can loot to receive the Gelmir Knight Set (Gelmir Knight Helm, Gelmir Knight Armor, Gelmir Knight Gauntlets, and Gelmir Knight Greaves).

When you turn around, you’ll see a ladder straight behind you.

Once on top, loot the corpse to receive 5 x Root Resin, jump through the small window, and then on the wooden beams.

Go to the center point and wait for the Chariot to arrive.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Wooden Beam

Drop on top of the Chariot as soon as it arrives.

It will carry you to the bottom, where you can dismount and proceed into the alcove with a ladder and a corpse on edge.

Climb to the top of the platform using this ladder. There will be a door on that platform that you can manually open.

Then, proceed down the steps leading to a mist wall where you can fight the boss, the Red Wolf of the Champion.

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave Red Wolf of the Champion Boss Fight

After defeating this boss, you will receive 21.000 Runes and the Bloodhound Knight Floh Ashes.

Open the chest in the boss room to receive a Deathroot that you can offer to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman in Bestial Sanctum (covered in-depth here), in exchange for a reward.

That’s everything you need to know in order to complete the Elden Ring Gelmir Hero’s Grave. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below.

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